Author Topic: Mitchell Heisman's Note Ignored?  (Read 836 times)

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Re: Mitchell Heisman's Note Ignored?
« on: June 29, 2014, 12:15:27 am »
Here's an excerpt-

Whatever the psychological quirks I might
possess, my central problem is nihilism. Can the
meaninglessness of existence be cured with therapy? Lie
therapy, whether religious or secular, is overwhelmingly the
normative state of the human race. Put another way, there
may be sound psychological reasons why radical nihilism is
not a condition prescribed by therapists. Yet if psychologists
are scientists, and their own methodology confirms the
scientific view of human beings as material things in motion,
on what grounds can they criticize nihilism in itself?

 I think,what he is sayin is -I am not depressed,the world is depressing.
La Tristesse Durera Toujours                                  (The Sadness Lasts Forever ...)
-van Gogh.