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Re: Mitchell Heisman's Note Ignored?
« on: March 27, 2017, 06:41:24 pm »
What about the quote on the very first page of Mitchell Heisman's 2000+ page Suicide Note ?

"Ordinary  people  seem  not  to  realize  that  those who  really  apply  themselves  in  the  right  way  to philosophy  are  directly  and  of  their  own  accord  preparing  themselves  for  dying and death.  If  this is   true,   and   they   have   actually   been   looking forward to death all their lives, it would of course be  absurd  to  be  troubled  when  the  thing  comes for  which  they  have  so long  been  preparing  and looking forward."    ~ Socrates

I would like to strengthen my "bad attitude" toward life, the kind of attitude that Holden displays in that last comment from March 2016 concerning Heisman being ignored:

Quote from: Holden
Ignored, yes. Surely we would not expect it to feature in the New York Times Bestseller List.They would rather please the lady friend,buy gifts for her, try to get that next promotion, plan to have a "baby".  THEY DISGUST ME.  No,disgust will not do.I must study them,as a philosopher.

I have to confess, I have only read parts of it.   With so much already written, I fear I will end up dying one of those mad scribblers Schopenhauer was talking about when he said, "forever reading, never to be read."

I am more of a note taker than an original thinker.  If I accomplish anything original, I hope it will be that I will be one who attempts to articulate how very little he truly understands so that those who come after me will not feel too bad about their own lack of understanding.  May I be remembered as one who openly displayed his confusion without any sense of shame.

Peace.  May we philosophize ourselves into the grave with as little pain as possible.

Also, I want everyone, especially Holden, not to feel any kind of pressure to post frequently.  In other words, there is no need to apologize if a post goes a long time without a response.

I suggest we allow ourselves to take it very slow. 
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