Author Topic: Digging for Gold? No, I prefer digging for Darker Truths  (Read 200 times)

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Digging for Gold? No, I prefer digging for Darker Truths
« on: October 06, 2019, 11:18:48 pm »
Most of the replies to Why do I hate everything? I want my life to be over. were the predictable pleas to pray to "God" or consider those who are less fortunate, blind, missing limbs, etc.

As Schopenhauer stated so clearly, it gives little comfort to me knowing there are others suffering a great deal more than I am at the moment.   Is such advice meant to shame one into gratitude?

Anyway, there were a couple odd responses that stood out for their sheer honesty:

Darlene Wright
Answered Oct 25, 2018

To hell with life and everything about it. I have repeatedly tried to change things to be happier only for issues to get worse. I'm stuck in a lifelong circle of Not being happy and don't really care about anything anymore. A Therapist said after one brief session I should write a book.. Yeah that helps I can't focus long enough to even know where to even know where to start on tasks. I'm tired physically and mentally exhausted actually I just don't know how to cope any more. I don't even want to try to be happy or like anything or anyone because it won't be real I give up.

Great honesty there!

Jackass Forever, Software Developer
Answered Aug 12, 2018

You hate everything because everything is worthy of hatred. Any person with a little bit of reasoning ability can see that most peopleís lives are absolutely pointless. Wanting life to be over is the correct approach to have. You are not sick or stupid. Itís just that lots of other people have much better luck and they have spread this rumour that one is supposed to be happy and satisfied with life. They donít have a clue.

Now that's one honest and to the point Jack-a-ss!

Those are the only comments that I found genuine.  The others were, well, not very interesting replies, that is, quite predictable.

This last one is just terrible.  I mean, this next reply is by the real Jack-a-ss:

Rohit Duhan
Updated Aug 24

Do it or don't do, it doesn't matter to me. I know you're not going to kill yourself because you'd have done it by now and you definitely wouldn't be writing it on quora.
But before you think that again just think about this..
What happens to your parents your friends.
The first year will be the most difficult for your mother. Everything will remind her of you. Maybe she'll kill herself too. After the 1st year the pain will go away a bit but as soon as she hears your name or sees anything that reminds her of you the pain will come back again.
So if you wanna kill yourself just fuucking do it and get over with it don't shiit in here.
There are people who are suffering more than you or have suffered 10 times more than you but they aren't coward. They didn't quit. You can type so you're not blind. So try this close your eyes right now and go to the kitchen and get a glass of water. Please do this right now or don't read further.
It's difficult isn't it?

Now imagine being blind for the rest of your life. Or handicapped or having a part of your body cut off. Life isn't fair to anyone but people go through it. It has it's ups and downs. If you're thinking of killing yourself because of something happened to you and you're sad all the times then maybe you don't have a right to live.

Sign an agreement before you kill yourself to donate all your organs please. People won't appreciate your worthless life anyway just give them a small reason to do otherwise before you go.

I'm not donating any goddamn organs!   I would be afraid some rich fuucker might be able to have me whacked for my body parts.

Well ... that's what I do when I'm feeling too low to motivate myself to continue "whatever it is I am working on."   I look for discussions about how people are really feeling, not what they put on their resumes, not the images they try to project and the lies they believe.

One good thing about being in a funk for most of the day is that it confirms what we have been saying all along.   How come I feel this more intensley on some days?   Is it possible that the more conscious we become, the more miserable we will feel?   

I really don't want to feel as miserable as I do, but, then again, I do not want to be ashamed of my misery, so ashamed as to think I ought to lie to myself about it.

It is liberating to be truthful, to hate those who promote "no pain, no gain" bullshiit.
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"Life is a task to be done. It is a fine thing to say defunctus est; it means that the man has done his task." - Schopenhauer

I do not have much to add. The first two quotes you posted above do a fine enough job.
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