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Re: Diary Writing
« on: May 08, 2016, 02:04:26 pm »
From My Diary:

Junk Thoughts:
Mr H has inspired me to write in my diary everyday.I remember reading in his diary that its important to protect the mind from junk thoughts.
I confess that my mind is obsessed with many junk thoughts-about food,about sex & about Will-to-Power(German: der Wille zur Macht).
And writing in the diary would perhaps enable me to pour out my thoughts in black & white.

When I look into my core -I find nothing there..only darkness.My chance meeting with Mr.Hentrich has had a huge influence in my life.I have found a man-who is actually living the principles I admire.There are those who are insistent that I must marry & marry as soon as possible,but ofcourse I SHALL NEVER MARRY,even if it means going the CHE WAY,rebelling openly,I shall use all the stalling tactics & if the push comes to shove-I will rebel openly,but no matter what,I shall never marry.

To marry is to commit metaphysical suicide..
What will I do with a wife,a child when I can barely bear my own being.Junk thoughts about Trump swirling in my head.I must turn the Will against itself.
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