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Re: Diary Writing
« on: May 09, 2023, 06:25:37 pm »
I referenced this thread to scribble down an exerpt:

The Abyss of a Notebook

Nietzsche once lauded the value of the "incomplete thought" for philosophy.  If we were to take this up, perhaps the best place to look for incomplete thoughts would be in the notebooks of philosophers.  Nietzsche himself was a fastidious user of his notebooks ... <<< SNIP >>>

Schopenhauer, no less fastidious than Nietzsche, preferred to keep several notebooks going at once, notebooks of all sizes and types - octavo, quarto, folio, bound and unbound.  Some notebooks remained fixed on his desk at home, while others could be taken with him on walks, and still other notebooks were reserved for traveling.  And then there is Cioran, that gloomy prowler of the Latin Quarter, who was fond of the bright, multi-colored, spiral notebooks used by students.

It's almost as if the notebook mitigates against the book, if the former is not, in the end, negated by the latter. 

As Nietzsche notes, the incomplete thought "displays the most beautiful butterfly wings - and it slips away from us."
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