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Re: Diary Writing
« on: March 30, 2021, 11:17:43 pm »
Quote from: Holden
I think hatred is far more common in our day to day lives than most people would like to admit.
In fact, I think, I could say that it is the default emotion which one feels towards the others. It might not always be in its extreme form.But its undertone is almost always there.

These days Pelagianism is everywhere. Augustine says that he observed a lot of children and the reason they do not go around murdering people is not because they do not want to,but because they are physically weak.The free-will debate is really puerile, I think anyone who honestly gives some thought to it can see it for himself that we have none.

Very well stated.   In the spirit of "Denial of Death," I would like to shed some light on this undertone of unspeakable hatred.  I have noticed it and have called it a plague of spiritual illness (or psychic illness, mental illness, etc).   It is the evil within us all, no?   When we do not get our way, this is a thwarting of the Will - and the very nature of this Will must be the Animal Being, the Beast that is our Creaturely Presence.   This animal being has been declared EVIL by the super-ego [society].

Maybe we need to accept that we are animals trapped in a world of [alphanumeric] language, which is itself alienated from the Natural World.   Our animal urges, hatreds, fears, anxieties are part of this Natural World.   Our angers and frustrations are the brute force of our impulses as organisms.  We are often at the mercy of a hypersensitive nervous system, victims of our very own sensory apparatus!

When we attempt to explain our experiential existence from within this world of language, we end up confined to dichotomies such as good and evil, soul and body, real and imaginary, heaven and hell, male and female, and savage and civilized, among others.   

There are few people to discuss the non-existence of Free Will with.   We do not choose what we will.   If another person has a base and brutal nature, all philosophical musings will be mocked and trampled under foot.   There are varying grades of Will, degrees of sensitivity and intellectual receptiveness.

Is it not more difficult to hate anyone knowing that they do not choose the grade of their will?   Creatures do not design their own temperaments, but are molded by their DNA and the ordeals of being born into this world of ours.
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