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Suffocating by Herr Michael Hentrich
« on: March 16, 2018, 11:47:13 am »
Senor Raul,

Thank you for your response.I would like to share some more thoughts by Herr Hentrich:

I feel the pain of living
the progressive pace of civilization suffocates me
working for bread and to pay rent
if not for sleep,I would die of boredom.

Instead of TV,movies or LCD ,I have been reading books,"The Inheritors",by William Golding is not only sensitive ,but also brings me deeper in touch with the silent being within...

My life must be defended from modern ways.The conditioning has failed on me?

To be honest is to glow with sadness.
Confusion-an agent of control.The confusion takes many shapes and forms(gimmicks) that overlap,creating layers,many,many layers.

May I be healed of vain illusions ,and be gifted with the endurability of Beautiful Sadness.

To softly chant a death song...

I would PROWL the area of my childhood...PRAYING TO THE MOON,sitting by the fire crying...

The solution to the homesickness has been with me always.DREAMS transcend time.

In the deeper world of sleep,I do go home...and I hear a song to carry myself with.

My goals are of the innermost consciousness.(Not possessions).

In the presence of machines,I get homesick.

The Moon wants me to own nothing.

Keep well.

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