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Alternative News
« on: June 17, 2021, 03:12:31 pm »
Alternative News

Mail Online
'There's no other explanation': Utah mom blames COVID vaccines after her 17-year-old athlete son and her husband were BOTH hospitalized…

'There's no other explanation for what happened to my son and my husband, we are pretty certain that it was a direct result of the vaccine,' Cherie Romney said in an interview on Wednesday.

From Noticias Rafapal
Forwarded from Qtime Network
THIS IS HUGE!…..THREE(3) British Airways pilots have DIED of the COVID vaccine in the past 7-days, and BA are now in crisis talks with the UK Government about whether or not their vaccinated pilots should be allowed to fly.

This presents a big problem because around 85% of all British Airways pilots have already been vaccinated.
MP3 telephone call is below.
H/t via Gab @BeachMilk

Websites of major U.S. airlines
face outage – Downdetector

June 17 (Reuters) - Websites of major U.S. airline companies
American Airlines (AAL.O), Southwest Airlines (LUV.N)
United Airlines (UAL.O), and Delta Airlines
(DAL.N) faced an outage early on Thusday,
according to outage monitoring website Downdetector.

From Dismantling the Cabal-Telegram
Nasa Scientist Sentenced to Prison for
Lying about His Ties to The Chinese

Meyya Meyyapan, 66, a senior NASA scientist, was sentenced today,
to 30 days in prison for making false statements & he is ordered to pay
a fine of $100,000.

See documents –Imperial College

From Dismantling the Cabal
Just to put this all in perspective Bill Barr´father
Donald Barr was Jeffrey Epstein´s mentor and gave him his
1st job at an all girls prep school. Donald Barr
also wrote a bizarre novel about men in their 40¨s
having sex with teenager girls.

From Danielle Stotijn-Telegram
Dutch Tax website down

Slick Willie Tribunal Delayed Over “Compromised” Panelist
By Michael Baxter -June 15, 20216985588

On Monday afternoon William Jefferson Clinton, dressed in a white jumpsuit and handcuffs, swaggered into GITMO’s south courtroom, and flashed a smile at the three-officer commission tasked with judging the Judge Advocate General’s case against him. In what can be described only as a surreal scenario, one panelist, a female Air Force captain, returned the smile and told Clinton “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Mr. President.”

Vice Adm. John G. Hannink, present to prosecute JAG’s case, looked at the officer—who we will call Captain Ashley Redding—in stunned silence. He then reprimanded her, asking why she had breached protocol by engaging the defendant in civil discourse.

Captain Redding looked at both Vice Adm. Hannink and the other two panelists with a furtive grin. Her face reddened, and she admitted she was once Clinton’s fan and had voted for him twice.

“I can’t help it. People love me,” Bill Clinton said.

Vice Adm. Hannink ordered Clinton’s MP escort to drag him back to his cell, then cleared the courtroom except for Captain Redding. He asked whether her warm greeting to Clinton was facetious or sarcastic, and she confessed that she had developed a fondness for Clinton long before she had joined the Armed Forces.

As with all commission volunteers, Cpt. Redding had been vigorously vetted prior to selection. She was one of 350 officers who had volunteered to judge the military’s evidence against Bill Clinton without bias, passion, or prejudice. In fact, JAG officials spent several hours interviewing her to ensure she could impartially adjudicate evidence.

Cpt. Redding told Vice Adm. Hannink that she had lied on a questionnaire and had deceived interviewers who had asked if she had personal feelings for Clinton, one way or another. She said her “childhood crush” would not hamper her sagacity to deliver fair judgment.

“I simply got lost in the moment at seeing him,” she told Vice Adm. Hannink. “I’d wanted to meet him all my life. But that won’t effect my ability to judge him fairly.”

Vice Adm. Hannink was not impressed. “You betrayed your oath to the U.S. military and to this court. You are dismissed and consider yourself lucky we won’t seek punitive action against you.”

He said that William Jefferson Clinton’s tribunal would begin in a few days, after he and JAG had correctly vetted a third member of the commission.

From despertadordelamatrix-Telegram
Pedro Sanchez (President of the Spanish government) married to transgender
Barack Obama (former U.S. president) married to transgender
Emmanuel maricron (French president) married to his grandmother to hide his orientation.
Something's up 👀

From Wikipedia- Kalergi Plan

Forwarded from Aurax
Our sources confirms that the Israeli intel officer that was murdered in prison was trying to publish the Netanyahu-Pfizer agreement !

Forwarded from Project Veritas
COVID SHOCKER: Fox 26 Vice President and News Director Susan Schiller Demanded Reporter Ivory Hecker “Cease and Desist Posting About Hydroxychloroquine” Because It Didn’t Fit the Corporate Narrative

Forwarded from The Whole Truth (Tara Dean)
Reports are coming in claiming that many public buildings in Washington, DC are, today, CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC.

I was informed a few minutes ago that all buildings closed to the public and all tours suspended until further notice in DC.

National Zoo closed
Holocaust Museum closed
National Archives closed
JFK Center of Performing Arts closed
National Cherry Blossom Festival canceled
Arlington National Cemetery Closed to the public
Museum of the Bible closed
National Capital and House and Senate Buildings closed to public and all tours suspended
Library of Congress closed to public
FBI Building closed to public
Pentagon closed to public

There are more but these reports are not yet verified. Attempting to determine the reason.
Check back

Closures now CONFIRMED by a sitting member of the US Congress:

United States Capitol and House and Senate Office Buildings: All Buildings CLOSED to public and tours SUSPENDED until further notice
Library of Congress: All buildings CLOSED to public and tours SUSPENDED until further notice
White House (Call 202-456-7041 for updates)
FBI Building: Building CLOSED to public and all tours SUSPENDED until further notice
Bureau of Engraving and Printing: Building CLOSED to public and all tours SUSPENDED until further notice
Department of State: Building CLOSED to public and all tours SUSPENDED until further notice
Pentagon: Building CLOSED to public and all tours SUSPENDED until further notice
Smithsonian Musuems (list here): All buildings CLOSED to public and all tours SUSPENDED until further notice
National Zoo: CLOSED until further notice
Holocaust Museum: Building CLOSED to public and all tours SUSPENDED until further notice
National Archives: Building CLOSED to public and all tours SUSPENDED until further notice
John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts (season info): Building CLOSED to public and all performances SUSPENDED until further notice
National Cherry Blossem Festival: All events CANCELLED
Arlington National Cemetary: CLOSED to public; OPEN to families for visitation; scheduled funerals will CONTINUE as planned
Museum of the Bible: CLOSED (through January 28)
International Spy Museum: OPEN
National Arboretum: Grounds only OPEN (The National Bonsai & Penjing Museum and Administration Building are still CLOSED to the public)

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