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Alternative News
« on: June 10, 2021, 09:59:06 am »
Alternative News

Operations in different cities in Paraguay to dismantle child pporn networks that also operated in Posadas (Argentina)

Qatar's Al Jazeera Network Says It Combated Cyber Attack

DUBAI (Reuters) - Pan-Arab satellite network Al Jazeera said it was subjected to continual hacking attempts over recent days but the cyber attack on Qatar's flagship broadcaster had been fended off.

From (Q)The Storm Rider
All these factories carried the illegal surveillances systems that track facial recognition & had the newest programs that track children "For safety" created by C_a subsidiary companies. Connected to Ashton Kutcher< he's not the trafficking activist that you think/)

REDLANDS (CBSLA) – Investigators are trying to determined what caused a three-alarm blaze which tore through an Amazon Distribution Center in Redlands early Friday morning while employees were working inside. Fortunately, no one was hurt.
June 5, 2020. (CBSLA)
The blaze was reported at 5:30 a.m. at 2255 West Lugonia Ave., in the area of the 10 Freeway and Mountain View Avenue.

From (Q)The Storm Rider
back online_
Those who hacked my account came out of Munich Germany
+My posts are hitting Nerves
_the early posts wasn't from me!
(& For your information.. This photo hitting Facebook & other places is
Photo shopped ()disinfo()..} Be very careful to look closely at the layers{

From the
Medical Personnel: Houston Hospital Demands Employees NOT To List Vaccine Reactions
One Houston Methodist nurse explained that the hospital’s employees aren’t allowed to mark any side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine on official records. Nurse Jennifer Bridges attended The Highwire to share the shocking news.

From Noticias Rafapal
Simon Parkes' latest video does not give dates for Trump's comeback but confirms that the game is about to be won by two strategies: the audits of the US elections and the ignition of the quantum financial system, which he relates to the implementation of Basel III, next June 28.
As I say, Parkes bites his tongue in order not to tell about the events that are about to happen in this month of June and will unfold in July.

He also confirms something I have read elsewhere: that the operation against drug trafficking a few days ago has also resulted in the arrest of dozens of bankers, as part of the process prior to the resetting of the monetary system. Some say that 10,000 bankers have already been arrested.

From CBK
Fauci tonight: "If you are trying to get at me as a public health official and a scientist, you're really attacking, not only Dr. Anthony Fauci, you are attacking science."

From Vanessa Gray
9 jun.
Police will be randomly stopping people on the street and asking for vaccination status in Malta - where outdoor masks will no longer be required for vaccinated people ONLY from 1st July. ‘Papers please’. Unvaccinated people will be walking around with masks like Star of David

From Vanessa Gray
9 jun.
I just heard that masks outdoors (currently mandatory), are being dropped in Malta on 1st July - wait for the punch line - only if you have been vaccinated. Medical apartheid here we come. I wonder if they will be stopping people in the street to ask their vaccination status.

From Vanessa Gray
In the 60s the KGB did some fascinating psychological experiments.

They learned that if you bombard human subjects with fear messages
non stop in two months or less most of the subjects are completely
brainwashed to believe the false message.

To the point that no information of clear information  they are shown
to the contrary can change their mind.

From GhostEzra-Telegram
Pcr tests were bloodline Dna tests. Nothing to do with Covid. It's why goats, papaya's, and redbull all tested positive. Biblical.

From Agents Of Truth
Now we know why there is a housing shortage.
It’s because the “Great Reset” elites like Blackrock, want us to “own nothing” and are buying up all the housing.

Bill Gates is buying up all farm land. So owning nothing is just for us plebs?
This is neo-Feudalism.
The Aristocracy wants serfdom.

They want us all living in 250 sq foot coffin apts or sharing communal spaces. Dependent on government. These are evil people.

“Universal basic income” then those who are not good little government stooges with low social credit, don’t get their $1000 and starve that month.
That’s Biden and Co.’s “Build Back Better” Great Reset. They are telling us this every day.

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