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Alternative News
« on: June 10, 2021, 07:21:39 am »
Alternative News

From despertadordelamatrix-Telegram
Fragment from my diary as a daughter of an elite: This world is not worthy, this world cannot and does not deserve to be saved. This world's only salvation is its mastery, its poverty of spirit can only be mastered.

They blame pollution in air, in water, in food for their lack of ingenuity and their poverty of spirit. Yes, we have polluted, to see what percentage of the population resists it. If our tactics have won them over, then they deserved to be defeated.

They say they are gods, and they are, but not all and not most. The highest the majority can do is to allow themselves to be dominated.

Yes, the elite you despise, but you are so unworthy that you cannot with height hate anyone. You deserve to be ruled, you deserve to be murdered, you deserve to suffer for your raped children, you deserve to be sick in body, you deserve to be sick in spirit, you deserve to weep blood, you deserve your world to be yours alone and thus unworthy of being saved.

You vomitous "dissidents", 90% of you have become angry only when you have seen your human world, your little world in danger. You fed your bodies with the flesh that you knew came from the life of another being, why then should we not eat children, fresh and virgin? You sought to heal yourselves with drugs experimented on animals, and now you are shuddering because we see you as laboratory mice for a vaccine? You vomiting hypocrites. Christ is not your salvation, our dominion over you is.

You who once conceived of life as a modest work to live and live to work, blame us for wanting and having the money that you too, deep down, were seeking?

I will no longer hide the truth and I will no longer pretend: I experience exquisite pleasure in seeing your dead, in smelling the rottenness of your pain and impotence, in reading your desperate attempts to change the world that you built, or that you allowed us to create. Ah what a delight to glimpse their blood flooding the streets of our world.

From trumpintel-Telegram
Kary Mullis, creator of the PCR test,
on Anthony Fauci

“They make up their own rules as they go,
they change them when they want to …
Tony Fauci does not mind going on TV
and lie directly into the camera”

BQQM: Dr. Kary Mullis, the winner of the 1993 Nobel Prize
in Chemistry and the inventor of the PCR test.
Dr. Kary Mullis “The PCR test which the entire world is now using
to diagnose SARS-Cov-2 was NOT designed to find a virus.Dr Fauci
doesn´t mind going on television in front of the people who pay his salary…
and lie directly into the camera.

Greatest Mass Killer of 21st Century:
Data Shows Fauci Conspired and Lied-New
Study Shows HCQ plus AZM Improved
Survival of COVID Patients by Nearly 200%.
Dr.Fauci used bogus studies to disqualify HCQ.
From (Q)The Storm Rider
_CHINA Starts food shortage/raising prices
on all products
_U.S.INFLATION to hit all time high
_NASA confirms Dust-pocalypse heading to
_Germany on stand by for Power grid
_middle sweden issues Internet Collapse
warning&EBS test on tv.

From (Q)The Storm Rider
The price controls that China launched is
Going to effect everything… World wide
To food shortage… To plastic shortages
.. It will stall Millions of companies
Including shopping
Effects incoming…
Empty shelves..

From (Q)The Storm Rider
The world is very dependent on China for
Virtually everything.. From Aluminium. To
Food. To Goods.. Almost everything plastic
and boxes that covers food and packaging
for industries//electronic co.s depend
on Wires to computer parts to chips.
China about to pull the plug!

From CBK
Emails PROVE that Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO) coordinated with Fauci to hide
info about HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine) that Trump mentioned
before the pandemic.

Fauci knew HCQ was a cure fro Covid. Fauci and Zuckerberg
deserve the death penalty.

From Noticias Rafapal
After dozens of cyberattacks against companies and governments and the dismantling of drug trafficking networks, yesterday ended with a bomb threat in US military base at Pearl Harbor, as you know, was the trigger for the intervention of the US in WW2.

JUST IN - US military base at Pearl Harbor on lockdown over "security threat," personnel ordered to "shelter in place".

From Noticias Rafapal
Brazilian president declares that the numbers of deaths for Covid were inflated.: " 50%  of those in the beginning who were reported did not die from Covid".

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