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Alternative News
« on: June 06, 2021, 07:21:35 am »
Alternative News

From trumpintel
So the Indian government have asked the world health
organization to send them proof of the Indian variant
being isolated. They can´t (because it doesn´t exist)!
So the U.K. now have not quietly tiptoed away from
the narrative and swapped it for the “Thai” variant haha.
People are eating tablespoons full of **** via the media
and actually swallowing it all up.

JUST IN-Pentagon funneled $39 MILLION
to the EcoHealth Alliance, the “charity” that
funded coronavirus research at the Wuhan
bio lab accused of being the source of the
outbreak (Daily Mail)

The majority of the DoD funding to Eco Health
came from the DTRA, a US military branch with a
mission to “counter and deter weapons of mass
destruction and improvised threat networks

JUST IN- India issues ultimatum to Twitter:
The platform has one last chance to comply, or face
“unintended consequences”. (Reuters)

From Amir Tsarfati
Lebanon is in a state of complete
bankruptcy! Due to the lack of petroleum
to operate some of the power stations
the electric company just announced that from
today the people will have electricity only 6
hours a day. For many it´s been 4 hours only
for months now.

Former Ohio doctor sentenced
to 22 years for trafficking girls, ages 12-15 for sex

A former doctor in Youngstown, Ohio was
sentenced to 22 years in prison for
trafficking six underage girls for sex.

Oracle VP Dies of “Covid” After
Receiving Second Vaccine Injection

(Paraguayan) Bus company offers free ride
to grandparents who go and get vaccinated

Since tomorrow 75-year-old grandparents
who go to the vaccination sites will not pay
bus tickets in all the itineraries in bus company Line 2 (Magno S.A.)

Ex-CDC director threatened after he said COVID-19 originated
in a lab

Noticias Rafapal
Forwarded from
Juan Q Seven
Biden is due to meet the Queen on the 13th of June at Buckingham palace, which is boarded up , The Queens death will be announced before that date , watch this space

Noticias Rafapal
Forwarded from
Michael Jackson
Statement by Michael Jackson, The one and only King of Pop.

I left the Illuminati, and it was tough for me. They threatened me because I was out of their control.

I can say about Eminem that he was also in this system. He was also used to threaten me. He attacked me with his poetry and art. Because I officially left the Illuminati in my black or white music. They used Eminem to destroy my artistic reputation. He realized he was wrong. He also left the Illuminati on the recovery album. The RAINMAN is the same as Illuminati.
Do not trust those who have sold their souls to the devil unless they get out.

Find the answer in two music:Black or White, 25 To Life

Pfizer Paid $896 Million in Prempro
Jef Feeley
June 19,2012 1:27 PM PDT
Pfizer Inc., the world´s largest drugmaker, said in a securities
filing that it has paid $896 million to resolve about 60 percent
of the cancer alleging its menopause drugs caused cancer in women.

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