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Alternative News
« on: June 03, 2021, 08:53:41 am »
Alternative News

From WhipLash347
US vs Ch y Nah Tech War (Drama of Epic Proportions) Hence why Stellar Networks is taking off.

Who controls Ch YNAH?
Who owns the WoooHan Labs?
Who was Saved For Last?
Balfour Declaration?
UK & French Khazarian Rothschild's "DID" control UK Royals, ISRAEL, CIA etc
1871 Act of England was flipped in 2019. (Just not told it yet) Think POTUS standing in front of the Queen)

From WhipLash347
3 Sides of the TRIANGLE.
+ Plus Bombing of 13 Families in Venice.
Started happening in 2012.
But just after "Las Vegas" failed Assassination Attempt on King Salman & POTUS in 2017. (35 Saudi Prince's including [DOPEY Bin Talal] + 2/300 officials were arrested.
1st Side FLIPPED very early.
ROTHSCHILDS - Central Banks, 1871 Act of England, Balfour Dec.
UK Royals, INTEL AGENCIES - CIA, Mossad, Mi5 etc.
All of this (2019, 2020, 2021)
Posts above cover this side.
Well that 5 Foot long GOLD Casket is very interesting.

JUST IN - Russia to exit from all Dollar assets in its Wealth Fund & to invest in Euros, Pound, Gold, Yuan instead - Russian Finance Minister Siluanov

"We can make this change rather quickly, within a month," Siluanov told reporters Thursday. The transfer will affect $119 of a total $186 billion in liquid assets.

Dr Paul Calls for the Firing of Fauci with Laura Ingrham (June 2, 2021). Firing, just firing? How about a trial CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY! Thoughts?

From Noticias Rafapal
Yesterday on Fox News, Senator Rand Paul explained that Dr. Fauci's emails show that he was aware of the "gain of function of the SARS virus" investigations in Wuhan (which he was funding). At the end of this segment it is revealed that, just a few days before Trump acceded to the presidency, Fauci himself authorized these evil investigations, bypassing security protocols. (Recall that at that time Fauci prophesied that "during Trump's presidency there would be a biological attack").

From Noticias Rafapal
Davos Forum warns of "cyberattacks epidemic" for July. The Storm Rider links these cyberattacks, confusedly, with the World Health Forum (WHF), present in 80 countries.

From CBK
Anthony Fauci received the best advice he could have possibly been given on March 14, 2020. He replied "thank you for your note," and proceeded to ignore every single bit of it.

This advice to follow the strategy of "Focused Protection" took into account the 1000-fold difference in mortality rates between the oldest and youngest and utilized this fact to protect those at risk while negating the public health damages of lockdowns. It made perfect sense.

And, that's why 50,000 scientist, doctors, and medical professionals signed a global anti-lockdown proclamation which called for "Focused Protection" started by epidemiologist, public health scientist, and Nobel-Prize winners from Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, & the world's top Universities.

If 50,000 scientist and doctors were calling for "Focused Protection" why did the media and big tech work so hard to silence their voices and only lift the voice of Anthony Fauci❓

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