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Alternative News
« on: May 17, 2021, 11:14:19 am »
Alternative News

From GhostEzra
With all the talk on Israel we hear the word anti-semitism being thrown around like a pigskin football. Similar to the word racist. So the question is, what is the real definition of anti-semitism.

JUST IN - Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum to cancel the August Singapore meeting.

From (Q)The Storm Rider
The most important summer of The 21st Century is taking place...

From (Q)The Storm Rider
Now you know the Technology that was onboard flight MH370/
Those microchips could be used for Several Defensive reasons (as shown below)/But what you haven't seen is the use in an Offensive attack!(can cause devastation to a city>Mil ops>or destroy every server in each city)

From GhostEzra
Obama was a US citizen.
Anonymous Quiz
1%  he was.
99% Kenya

Dec. 12, 2013, 2:12 PM -02
Health director who approved Obama birth certificate dies in plane crash
The health director who approved the release of President Obama’s birth certificate has died in a plane crash, Hawaiian officials said Thursday.

Loretta Fuddy died after the Cessna Grand Caravan aircraft she was travelling on went down shortly after leaving Kalaupapa Airport at around 3:15 p.m. local time (10:15 a.m. ET) on Wednesday. The other eight people on board were rescued, Richard Schuman

Characters Playing Biden Given Termination Date...

The characters playing Biden given termination date.
The point they will step down.
It's unknown if this means Harris takes over or due to association with election disputes she is barred.
Normally House Speaker would then take over but that's unlikely.
What are we left with I wonder?

LUZ DEL MUNDO (Light of the World)
La Luz del Mundo (Light of the World: the church that imposes a culture of sexual submission in the name of God.
Several followers of the Light of the World church break their silence to accuse spiritual leader Naasón Joaquín of sexual abuse of minors, child pornography and economic exploitation. For more than six months, journalists from Univision Investiga and Univision Noticias interviewed witnesses, lawyers, experts and consulted hundreds of court documents. Joaquin has said in court that he is innocent.
16 MAY 2021 – 03:00 PM EDT
More in (Spanish):

One of the Public Relations tactics when a public figure suffers damage to his image from one piece of information is to publish/filter another to divert the attention of the public opinion from the potentially damaging one.

In this case, we have the damaging information for Bill Gates (his links to the **** blackmailer, Jeffrey Epstein) and the information that serves to cover up that other one (he had an alleged extramarital affair at Microsoft itself). The proof of the deception is that it is Bill Gates' own media (MSN) who publishes the "smokescreen", and not by chance the "cover" information is of the same rank (sexual) as the primary one.

30 yrs ago Dr.Robert Willner accused Anthony Fauci of Genocide

From Wikipedia-Robert Willner

Dr. Fauci Prepping to Flee Country
By Michael Baxter -May 15, 2021692524
Donald J. Trump and the U.S. military have expressed unease over Dr. Anthony Fauci’s recent real estate acquisitions in the United Kingdom, Argentina, and Panama, heightening concerns that the Deep State doctor might flee the country ahead of being served an arrest warrant for crimes committed against America and its people.
More in:

Upcoming Military Tribunals at GITMO
By Michael Baxter -May 15, 20211303556

Real Raw News has obtained a list having the names of people who will face a military tribunal at the Guantanamo Bay detention center in the near future.  Please understand this list is not etched in stone, and it does not include persons being tried elsewhere. It has been made known to be that the persons named below have been apprehended and are currently at or awaiting transportation to GITMO. The situation is fluid and subject to change, and tribunals may be held concurrently if JAG considers it necessary, based on personnel available to prosecute cases. I will supply detailed, comprehensive articles on the tribunals once they begin in earnest.

John Brennan – May 24
James Comey—May 31
Huma Abedin—June 7
William Jefferson Clinton—June 14
John Boehner—June 17
Actor Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson—June 21

I will share more info as it becomes available to me.

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