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Alternative News
« on: May 13, 2021, 06:22:40 pm »
Alternative News

From Noticias Rafapal
I can now explain the origin of the cyber-attacks and fires against oil companies in recent days. As explained by the Russian leaks website Whatdoesitmean, emergency calls made by an employee of an obscure sonic weaponry company alerted that a vital bridge around Memphis was about to collapse, due to wave attacks that have been corroborated by Russian space force records. The reason for this sabotage explains at the same time the pipeline attacks of the last few days. The aforementioned bridge is part of the US Armed Forces Rapid Deployment Network, and is interpreted as an attempt to torpedo that deployment, which the globalists consider close after the letter that 120 US generals and admirals have published, in which they warn Joe Biden of what is being prepared.

From (Q)The Storm Rider
So Voting machines can't be hacked and are very secure!... But pipelines can be easily hacked and are very unsecure?

From GhostEzra
People wondering what's the whole point of the pipeline deal? It's simple, if you can hack a pipeline you can hack an election.

From GhostEzra
I need to finish up a report on WWII. I'm stuck on the holocaust part. How many died. I'm not feeling too comfortable trusting wikipedia's answer on this one. Thanks.

From GhostEzra
There's some religious and cultural beliefs that one can suck a child's **** and it's ok. It's not ok. It'll never be ok. Mutilation or sexual abuse because it's belongs to your sick religious tradition or culture will not give you a free pass. To defend such behavior is sick and indefensible. Every dog has their day.

Berlin security service blames Iran for cyber attack on German companies
Employees sent fake job offers and duped into installing malware

Big number of Isle of Man-offshore bank clients are politicians.

5yo Chinese Report Discusses Weaponizing Coronavirus in ‘Chilling’ Detail to Fight WWIII
Thursday, May 13, 2021 5:02

From Noticias Rafapal
Rafapal News
With this video by Alex Jones all the pieces of the puzzle of the creation of the SARS Cov2 virus fit together perfectly. Peter Daszak, president of an environmentalist foundation called Eco Health Alliance, acknowledged in 2019 (see video) that they mixed six different viruses to create a more potent SARS (which would be Covid), funding research in Wuhan on "gains of function of the virus", i.e. "improvements to make it more lethal". In parallel, donations made by Anthony Fauci from the US Institute of Health and Bill Gates from his Foundation to the same Wuhan Institute of Virology have appeared.

The aim of such a Machiavellian plan was, in the words of Peter Daszak, to vaccinate the population against the virus that they themselves had created, as then happened. This explains why during the climate change summit in 2019, prior to the Covid explosion, there was talk that a "mass extinction" was coming, which perfectly connects the environmental movement with this genocide we are suffering.

In minute 10 I think I understand the president of the Eco Health Foundation proposing the insertion of the famous protein (spike) in the vaccine itself. Thus, it is irrefutably proven that the same people who created the virus have created the "vaccine". The judges of the next Nuremberg Trials will have it very easy, because we already have the confessions of the perpetrators of this genocide. (Do you understand the reason for the current rise of the environmentalist parties? IN GERMANY THEY ARE ABOUT TO RULE and in Spain we have Iñigo Errejón copying their speech...).

Noticias Rafapal (Spain)
Do you know who led the World Health Organization delegation that went to Wuhan with the assignment to investigate the origin of Covid?
Peter Daszak, president of the Eco Health Alliance Foundation, the man who commissioned the Wuhan lab to merge six viruses to create SARS Cov2. (See above).

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Re: Alternative News
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Very interesting collection of news articles,Senor Raul.
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