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Alternative News
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Alternative News

From (Q)The Storm Rider
Before (Jeffrey)Epstein was (Hugh) Hefner (Playboy Magazine) (c_ia blackmail/honey traps) who blackmailed over a million politicians, influencers,& Elites/
The tunnels are still being destroyed w/ over 20O u s. Soldiers killed in ops. To black_water soldiers//
3 year battle coming to END.

From GhostEzra
People often ask, why would NASA make all this up?
The answer is very simple and straight forth from a financial aspect alone.
365 (days) X 62 (years) with funding on average of $55,000,000 dollars a day from tax payers.

They had $1,244,650,000,000 reasons to lie.
The deep state netted 100's of BILLIONS of dollars. They put that money in a vast underground tunnel system for child trafficking after living their lavish lifestyle. NASA and their lies very much matter.

Noticias Rafapal
They are saying that the Canadian Supreme Tribunal has accepted the lawsuit for crimes against humanity against politicians and businessmen of the World Economic Forum – Davos and that are led by German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, Robert Kennedy Jr. and Dr. Dolores Cahill, among others( Still this news has to be confirmed.)

Pentagon Coup! Joint Chiefs Overthrown
Last month Real Raw News reported on a shocking incident at the Pentagon, the seat of America’s military might: The man who calls himself president, Joseph R. Biden, had visited the Pentagon under the pretense of conducting a surprise presidential inspection. His real impetus was to learn whether a rumor he had heard was true, that Donald J. Trump was in the building meeting secretly with Marine Corps General David H. Berger, which could explain why Pentagon police denied him access to the property. While RRN cannot confirm Trump’s presence, we can now authenticate earlier reports that pointed to a dramatic shift in power at the nation’s most fortified structure.
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Podesta Military Tribunal: Day 3 Guilty!
On Thursday, the Office of Military Commissions, Rear Adm. Crandall presiding, segued away from Podesta’s fascination with small children and focused instead on criminal actions he had taken against Donald J. Trump and his family.

Rear Adm. Crandall showed the three-officer, all-female panel statements of guilt Podesta had written and signed prior to the tribunal and before the military had rescinded a plea deal removing capital punishment from the table. One statement described how Podesta, Hillary Clinton, and then-DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile planned to extort Trump into dropping out of the 2016 presidential election. The plan, which was Podesta’s idea, involved kidnapping Trump’s youngest son, Barron, and threatening to “send him home in pieces” unless Trump followed the kidnapper’s demands.
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A student from the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC) in Tijuana who was about to graduate with a chemistry degree this month was killed for reportedly refusing to work for the cartel.
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From whiplash347
Stop watching TV.
It is a Global Military Intelligence Operation.
The Media is the last to fall.
Libel Laws..
Research. Dont expect the 6 oclock news to tell you. #KnowYourEnemy.
I give you so much.
See the patterns, join the dots.
The EBS (Disclosure of the Operation plus more) to come when THE EVENT happens. Start by following the XRP Ripple Case. THE ISO20022 Regulation is the big catalyst in the US vs China Tech War (The Event is based around that as well as other things)

LLL - The Great Awakening

From Whiplash347
Our new Internet Folks.
They are all up above Australia too.
Beta Version is ready to go.
7500 times as fast as we have

Secret Space Programs controlled
Guardians of the Galaxy. United States Space Force who only became known in 2018.

Quantum Starlink is going to control many new systems on this Planet. All the old will be gone very shortly. This is how we get New Internet, Free Energy, Med Beds, new Voting Systems,
Your Quantum ISO coins.

The Power to whole entire World will switch off briefly like Q64 says

In late December they started testing. Israel was switched off for 30 mins. Then in January they tested by turning 10 Countries off at Once. Don't think i have seen any since. Just large internet outages

From Dutch Author Janet Ossebaard
Let's go back to the Dutch royal family and see how far this insanity goes. You've already met King Willem-Alexander and his beautiful Argentinian wife Maxima. They both have very interesting fathers. Maxima's father Jorge Zorreguieta was Minister of Agriculture in the regime of general Jorge Videla a military dictator who ruled Argentina from 1976 to 1981 and who was responsible for the kidnapping torture and murder of an estimated 30,000 people as part of the Videla government. So Jorge Zorreguieta must have known about the atrocities, but he claimed not to have been aware of the so called dirty war.

In 2006 Zorreguieta was discredited once again during a lawsuit against the top of the Banco Central República for money laundering the profits of drugs and weapons trade. So Zorreguieta was on the board of directors between '86 and '96, the time of major deals between the bank and drug cartels but once again he came out clean due to bribery and corruption.

His daughter Maxima didn't meet Willem Alexander until 1999 in Spain, at least that is the official narrative, which is weird as the Dutch royal family had known the Oranien-Nassau for generations. Why did they lie about that? Prince Bernhard Willem-Alexander's grandfather frequented Argentina and Bariloche even before World War II. Both families had a holiday mansion in Bariloche, a ski area with mostly German visitors and inhabitants.
As a matter of fact Bariloche was a Nazi den where many SSers and

I was taught in school that the Nazi leaders were all convicted in the Nuremberg trials, that justice was served, but did you know that only ten Nazis were hanged and only seven went to jail, that's it. The big Nuremberg trials, only seventeen of them? Did you actually think, like I did they all got what they deserved. Well think again. They had way too much knowledge. Most of them were welcomed with open arms. NATO, NASA, they all loved them.
Many SS scientists and engineers did not go to the U.S. but to South America instead, especially after their retirement. Argentina was very popular among them especially the inhabitable Patagonia where they were safe from post-war Nazi hunters. Bariloche was such a place.

Big nasty names such as Eric Priebke, responsible for and actively participating in the killing of 335 Italian men and boys in 1944. Reinhard Kopps, an SS officer who helped many Nazis escaped to Argentina after the war years of Mengele, the Angel of Death from death camp Auschwitz where he performed horrific experiments on children and Adolph Eichmann one of the major organizers of the Holocaust.

All lived in Bariloche, later the favorite key location of the Dutch royal family and the surrogate us both King Willem-Alexander his father and his grandfather were German. Both were part of the Nazi movement. Claus von Amsberg, Willem-Alexander's father was a member of the Hitler Youth. His parents were active participants in Hitler's NSDAP.

When journalist Wim Klinkenberg wrote an article about Prince Klaus's Nazi past in Panorama magazine of December 1965 Dutch Prime Minister Jo Cals personally interfered. He was miffed about the contents of the article in which clear evidence was presented that completely contradicted the official story about our Prince's past. Cals ordered all 420,000 magazines that had only just been printed to be destroyed. Incriminating evidence, documents and letters, etc. against the Dutch royal family was stolen from journalist Klinkenberg’s home.

The people of the Netherlands were not to find out about the dark side of the royal family. King Willem-Alexander's grandfather Bernhard von Lippe-Biesterfeld was a member of Hitler's NSDAP, the SA, and the SS where he served Himmler's elite cavalry the equestrian SS. During the Nuremberg trials the equestrian SS was the only division that was not prosecuted so that Bernhard von Lippe-Biesterfeld, by that time married to the Dutch Queen Juliana von Oranien-Nassau would remain safe from prosecution and from scrutiny. Do you realize how much power the Dutch royal family must have had to accomplish this?

I wonder how many Dutch people know about this. I was taught in school that Bernhard was a war hero that he served the British Secret Service, that he even wanted all 200 Dutch SSers executed at the end of the war, so many lies. At his wedding with Queen Juliana the orchestra was asked to play the Nazi song of the NSDAP. The director of the orchestra Peter van Anrooy refused, as did some of the musicians. But Bernhard made it happen. The song was played. Many guests offered the Nazi salute and the musicians who had been willing to play the song were later awarded with a medal. During the war Royal Shell gave millions of tonnes of crude oil to Hitler for free, a deal set up by Prince Bernhard. The crude oil was used for the Nazi tanks to invade and conquer the Netherlands.

The people of the Netherlands were handed over to the Nazis by their royal family. Most of people are completely unaware of this even though these facts are quite easy to find when you start searching for the truth, We've just never been told Bernhard was corrupt to the core. He accepted a major bribe 1.1 million dollars from Lockheed in 1976. He was scrutinized for being president of the World Wide Fund for Nature and the Prince Bernhard Nature Fund while being a passionate hunter and killer. More about bonus hunting parties in a bit.

Bernhard was a notorious womanizer. The maids of the Royal Palaces were terrified of him. I knew very well they had to keep their doors locked at night. He had several illegitimate children, two of whom he officially acknowledged, Alexia [Grinda] and Alicia [de Bieleveld]. Juicy little detail is that Alicia's mother was the daughter of Nazi test pilot Hanna Reitsch and Wernher von Braun. That's right the Nazi rocket scientist who was welcomed by the U.S. in 1945 during Operation Paperclip to continue his work for NASA.

Wernher von Braun and Bernhard both had served in Himmler's cavalry the equestrian SS. They went way back. In 1952 Bernhard visited his old buddy Wernher and took advantage of his daughter he left her pregnant. After that he was no longer on speaking terms with the mother of his illegitimate child as he put it himself. Bernhard was a much more powerful SSer than most people realize. Before during and after World War II he cherished and maintained his contact and friendships with other SS officers, both in Argentina where he went on so-called trade missions for the Netherlands and in Germany which has always been denied by the royal family and the Dutch Central Intelligence Agency.

Bernhard also founded the Bilderberg Group where political and industrial leaders gather once a year to discuss...well nobody really knows as it's highly secretive. You can only become part of this exclusive group upon invitation. When Prime Minister [fuzzy] tried to enter the conference in 1977 he was literally thrown out. There's one thing all researchers agree on the Bilderberg Group is definitely cabal. There's one more thing Bernhard was known for and this is where it gets really dirty, it's the main reason why I put so much emphasis on our royal family and this is something everybody needs to know come quickly to part eight. 

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