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Alternative News
« on: March 31, 2021, 06:26:10 am »
Alternative News

Mafia fugitive caught after posting cooking show
to YouTube
A wanted mafia gangsterīs passion for
Posting onlike cooking lessons has landed
him in jail after seven years on the run

Italian police tracked down Marc Feren Claude Biart,
53, after he uploaded culinary videos to YouTube, the BBC reports.

British Columbia
Police search for links between 3 fires
at Masonic Lodges in Metro Vancouver Area
Witnesses report that the Masonic Temple in
Lonsdale has been partially destroyed

From Noticias Rafapal (Spain)
Q's channel on Telegram confirms that the Evergreen operation is fully MILITARY. And makes it clear with an image, that it is by land, sea and air, then I can assure you that the expected  event has already begun.

From Noticias Rafapal

This commentator, highly valued in the networks, states that the Evergreen freighter is "much worse than you can imagine. It is darkness itself. Millions of baby heads (from abortions) going to China from the U.S. every two years for the cosmetic industry, not to mention the adrenochrome stuff."

In the meantime, several silver markets have run out of stock, given the strong demand from the Comex (Comex Silver Stockpile), so technically, this market has gone into "default", bankruptcy, because it will not be able to meet its forward sales.

From Wall Street Silver
The central bank of Mexico has suspended production of silver libertards

From Gab Social
Harry Littman
Vaccine passports are a good idea.
Among other things, it will single out the
still large contingent of people who
refuse vaccines, who will be foreclosed
from doing a lot of things their peers
can do. That should help break
the resistance down.

From Breaking911
The former governor of the Mexican state of Tamaulipas,
and former candidate for the office of president of Mexico,has
admitted to accepting MILLIONS in illegal bribe money that
He used fraudulently to purchase property in the United States.

From EL PAIS (Spain)
Venezuelan opposition leader, Juan Guaidó,
tests positive for the coronavirus
The political leader announces his infection
in social networks after 4 days in quarantine

Another EVERGREEN mega container ship was troubled;
EVER GIVEN sister ship EVER GENTLE, at Taipei Port, Taiwan,
at around middy Mar 27,

From Noticias Rafapal
Cairns Post
Cyber attack: The Sydney Morning
Herald and other nine newspapers attacked

All the Australian newspapers cyber attacked

From Whiplash347
Australian Financial Review
Cyber attack strikes Taylors Wines but not believed to be linked to China tariffs

From Whiplash347
Dozens of Schools suffer vicious cyber attack affecting almost 40,000 children
Harris Federation which educates 37,000 pupils in 50 academics in London and Essex
said it had been targeted.

From Whiplash347
39 dead bodies found in a shipping container
in London
October 23,2019

Body parts and organs found in
UK shipping containers sent to Sri Lanka
24 July, 2019

Queen Elizabeth found guilty in case of missing children

On February 25,2013 six international judges found Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip
guilty in the disappearance of ten native children from the Catholic-run Kamloops
Residential School in British Columbia. The children left for a picnic with the Royal
Couple on Oct.10,1964, and their grieving parents havenīt seen them since.

The order to arrest the Queen was issued by the International Common Law Court
of Justice in Brussels, after nearly a year of litigation. This prosecution  concerned
50,000 missing native Canadian children and included a 1964 kidnapping
case that implicated the Queen.

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