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Alternative News
« on: March 27, 2021, 08:16:17 am »
Alternative News

From Noticias Rafapal
Factory on fire with explosion sound in Osaka, Japan near the monorail

Panic ! Military ships line the EU coast. U.S. SUBS BLOCKING ENTRANCE TO MEDITERRANEAN SEA AT GIBRALTER / SUBS RUSSIAN AND U S BLOCKING South Atlantic Oceans /90% EU WARSHIPS home lining coast/West Coast Pacific u.s, fleets near China/NKII Suez Canal blocked! (Yep something´s up)

From Noticias Rafapal
I said so yesterday. The (Spanish) government has no money… The false hacking of the SEPE is just an excuse.
Without the aid of the CEB (Central European Bank) everything goes broke and here is the proof:
The German Constitutional Court ceases ratification of the European assistance plan.

From TGAMEDIAespañol
Matt Groening is a Freemason and therefore able to write uncannily
accurate “predictions” into episodes of THE SIMPSONS using their secret

International Criminal Court, The Hague accepted covid-19 complaint of violation
of Nuremberg Code by Israeli government

Last week , a complaint from the organization “People of Truth” was filed with the Hague Tribunal by lawyers Ruth Machness and Aryeh Suchowolski, of the law firm A Suchovolski and Co., concerning violations of the Nuremberg Code by the Israeli government and other parties. However, the complaint filed last week before the International Criminal Court was accepted. It is now awaiting a decision.

From New York Post
Suez Canal ship crisis may unleash worldwide toilet paper shortage

Chief physician and professor Pal Andre Holme
Oslo University Hospital
“Nothing but the vaccine can explain why they had blood clots”

From r/conspiracy - reddit
Australian economist quits government after being censored for trying to reveal the truth about the lockdowns. The virus is not a pandemic.
The whole pandemic scam is slowly unraveling. A top economist has quit over censorship. He is now free to speak the truth and now takes apart the government´s overreaction.
“The problem for politicians now is to reverse course without losing their jobs. I don´t know how the plan to do it.”

From Daily Mail
Children will be vaccinated from August with up to 11 million under 18s inoculated by the start
of the autumn term as the government pushes for maximum immunity

From Fox 26 News
Many people in Oregon were left stunned Thursday night as they spotted what looked like a large meteor breaking apart in the sky. While it hasn´t been confirmed what the object was, the National Weather Service believes it might be debris from a rocket…

From South China Morning Post
Russian eyes stronger ties with Myanmar amid global criticism over coup

US Navy heads to Suez Canal to “Assess” stuck container ship after failed refloating attempts

From Nate Burruano
People have been trafficked in shipping containers since the literal invention of shipping containers. This is textbook contraband. Contraband isn´t just weapons and drugs. Humans count too. And its highly popular in 2nd and 3rd world countries and failed states like Syria, Yemen, Libya, Kosovo, South Sudan, Somalia, etc.

From Nate Burruano
A large deployment of militants affiliated with the Popular Mobilization Forces, east of the capital Baghdad

From Associated Press
Two trains collided in Egypt, causing three passenger cars to flip over, killing 32 people and leaving 66 injured, health authorities said. Dozens of ambulance vehicles were rushed to the scene of the crash.

From (Spain)
Translated from Spanish
Colombian indigenous communities will not get vaccinated against the Wuhan virus because they do not trust the dose.

Ex- CDC director says coronavirus most likely originated in China´s Wuhan lab - though he stressed that it was his opinion (Axios)

From GreatGameIndia
Researchers have confirmed that the human brain continues working even after the death of a person. That seems a zombie like behavior, but researchers have found a non-zombie logic behind this phenomenon.

The enormous cargo ship drew a **** in the Red Sea before blocking over 10% of the world´s trade in the Suez Canal

Study: Covid Vaccines may “Sensitize Vaccine Recipients to More Severe Disease”

From Nicholas Veniamin
- 1960's - no more oil in 10 years
- 1970's - another ice age in 10 years
- 1980's - acid rain will destroy all crops in 10 years
- 1990's - The ozone layer will be destroyed in 10 years
- 2000's - Ice floes will be gone in 10 years.
- 2000 - Y2k (millennium) will destroy everything!
- 2001 - Anthrax will kill us all!
- 2002 - West Nile virus will kill us all!
- 2003 - SARS will kill us all!
- 2005 - Bird flu will kill us all!
- 2006 - Ecoli will kill us all!
- 2008 - The financial crash will kill us all!
- 2009 - Swine flu will kill us all!
- 2012 - Mayan calendar will end. We will all die!
- 2013 - North Korea will start the 3rd world war. We will all die!
- 2014 - Ebola will kill us all!
- 2015 - ISIS will kill us all!
- 2016 - Zika will kill us all!
- 2018 - Global warming will kill us all!
- 2019 - CO2 will kill us all!
- 2020 - Corona will kill us all!
The truth is that fear will kill us. Turn off the TV and wash your hands!
Nothing happened, but everything led to more taxes. Tyranny!

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