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Re: A Weird Man in a Weirder World
« on: May 16, 2019, 07:20:51 pm »
Thanks for  the links,Herr Kaspar.I visited one of the elite clubs of the  city yesterday with one of my  superior officers  as  he  has just joined  it and needed  my  help with the joining formalities. The membership fee  itself is close to half  a million rupees. I  saw  people wearing  coat    and tie and imitating  the British (who had originally founded  the club)  in extreme summer heat. Some of them  were  grotesquely obese,other were  almost senile and yet  seemed to me  to be obsessed  with pomp and show.

All of this  extravagance  and for   what  exactly?  I do not think that they  represent  any kind of  brotherhood.In fact,I am quite certain  that most of them must be very,very  jealous  and   contemptuous of each other covertly( and  overtly).
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