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On the Dark Energy of Being
« on: August 02, 2016, 11:26:02 pm »
To every happening of being a determinate reason or cause or ground can be given .The principle formulates the rational conviction that every happening can be accounted for in terms of its proper intelligibility .The hard metaphysical question is :What is the ground of this principle itself,what intelligible basis has this conviction of reason?The principle  expresses an expectation of rational grounds,but what is he ground of that expectation of grounds? I am asking the grounds of reason itself,when reason itself claims to be able to supply intelligible grounds to every happening.

Schopenhauer says the principle is self justifying because to answer the question of its justification,one has to assume the principle.This is a crucial consideration,for it shows my mindful being as inescapably in the middle of intelligibility.But the issue can still be pressed.Perhaps there is no ground to this principle at all,it is  perhaps a pragmatic,hypothetical or heuristic instrument .But these responses don't answer to the sense of ultimacy imputed to this principle,they are,so to say, middling,in a tepid sort of way.No doubt often we do use the principle thus.But more radically,I think the very grounds of rational intelligibility,in a genuinely universal sense,are at stake.The pragmatic or heuristic solutions are too wishy-washy & don't meet the full blow of negation that can come from skepticism.

Schopenhauer simply denies any rational ground.The principle is grounded on something entirely other to reason & this in no benign sense
 either. Sufficient reason is grounded on no rational ground but on the ultimate which he calls the Will & there is nothing reasonable about this blind,insatiable striving,endless dark energy of being.I agree that this is the level at which the question has to be put. This is how I must understand the origin.
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La Tristesse Durera Toujours                                  (The Sadness Lasts Forever ...)
-van Gogh.


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Re: On the Dark Energy of Being
« Reply #2 on: August 12, 2016, 10:38:57 pm »
Here are two words that might put things into perspective:  "flies fuuck"

Don't let it get you too upset.  Feel free to rant.  I won't think less of you for expressing your honest contempt and disdain ...

Comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.

Every Cradle is a Grave. at library genesis

It's sickening the way some people go on and on about "the baby in their life" ... They think that this is just the normal way of life, to bring more misery into the world.

They are clueless about having a choice in the matter.

I am filled with similar hatred.  I tend not to be too vocal about it.  I guess I have been trained to repress such feelings.   I guess the only socially acceptable form of expressing such hatred would be through satire where one can carry on like a madman without being accused of suspicious behavior or "being a danger to oneself and others".

Yes, Holden, even people who seem otherwise intelligent are very stupid when it comes to things like "breeding babies", "traveling the world," and other idiotic norms.  The best one can do is attempt to hide from the hordes a talking monkeys with car keys.  What a freak show!

I study math to help me not think of things that I have no control over.

Shall we inject a little mean-spirited satire into our dialogue?

I suppose we could just let it rip ...

... or we could view the masses with detached compassion, as in "They know not what they do."

You see, Holden, we are of the opinion that life is a bad thing.  Many others, while surely experiencing life as bad, see no other way but to keep it going no matter what.  They even celebrate it.  It is unlikely that our species will go extinct voluntarily.

One way to overcome the paralyzing hatred for the gorts is to consider how misguided they are (as is suggested in the saying attributed to the something the Nazarene supposedly blurted out while bleeding on the cross).

Sarah Perry, author of Every Cradle is a Grave, puts it in a more elaborate way.

Quote from: Sarah Perry
The prevailing views on birth and suicide, I will argue, are very misguided.  But they are misguided in characteristically human and evolutionarily adaptive ways.  In order to reject them, we must approach what David Eubanks has called the Frontier of Occam - the highest intelligence achievable by a civilization before it figures out better ways to achieve its ends than by continuing to pursue the goals of its alien creator, evolution.

Viewing life itself as alien kind of flips Icke and Jones on their heads, doesn't it?

I mean, talk about being on an entirely different orbit!

The Conspiracy against the human race is not, as Icke and Jones insist, to wipe us out, but to compel us to continue to exist.  In other words, we will want to evolve ourselves entirely out of the evolutionary process.   Germany can just gladly follow Schopenhauer, me, and Stanhope into the void and let the Islamogorts breed another generation of sperm and egg worshippers.  Likewise, in North America, those not inspired to reproduce will give way to more "virile" baby breeders ...

I don't want to be a hater.  It's just that, survival of the species is not all its hyped up to be.   :P

Seen from such an elevated and detached perspective, we do not have to be consumed by hatred, but can actually calmly enjoy our higher mental faculties as a developed intellect evidently turns against the will to conquer and conquest,  the will to reproduce, and, eventually, the very will to live.

In your situation in India, where you feel like the rat who liked to hide in his room and read Schopenhauer due to what you perceive as the over-breeding, there is no need to project xenophobic hatred on "the Other".   You have no desire to compete for survival, but seem to be just going through the motions, not wanting to participate in the commotion, but altogether perplexed about how to go about enduring your Fate.

Hiding away to read Schopenhauer seems like as good a plan as any.

As Raul says, keep safe!

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