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Alternative News Report
« on: November 29, 2022, 03:13:00 pm »
From Trending Politics
'COVID Tyranny is Born': New Fauci Email Shows He Knew Masks Were 'Ineffective,' Wanted Americans Masked Anyway
During Dr. Anthony Fauci’s seven-hour deposition for a lawsuit, further evidence was revealed that showed Fauci knew that masks were “ineffective” for […] More

From Shadow of Ezra
Mossad deployed in Brazil.

From Amir Tsarfati
Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps officer was shot to death in Isfahan.

From Amir Tsarfati
Riots in Belgium
Riots in the Netherlands
Riots in Germany
Protests in China
Protests in Iran
Protests in Brazil
Riots in Kazakhstan
War in northern Syria
War in northern Iraq
War in Ukraine

From Amir Tsarfati
Report: The families of Iran’s World Cup soccer team have been threatened with imprisonment and torture if the players fail to “behave” ahead of the match against the USA on Tuesday.

From Noticias Rafapal
In another long message, Q)The Storm Rider has reminded that the largest contractor of Elon Musk's companies is the US military and that, therefore, the Starlink satellite constellation and Twitter's own acquisition are part of military operations.
He adds that McAfee has terabytes of information on crypto banking scandals and that the military has that information. He also says that the military is moving into South America (I imagine he's referring to Brazil, but doesn't specify).

From Noticias Rafapal
Also yesterday, Q)The Storm Rider posted that the US Supreme Court has decided to review a lawsuit signed by 300 US citizens over voter fraud, captained by a billionaire (presumably the pillow tycoon) and that, as a result, the Deep State is in a panic.

He says that, upon learning that the Supreme Court is going to hear the case, the military has split into two factions, and that this is the origin of the protests in China and more places around the world (he is suggesting that what is happening now in China is a "color revolution"), noting that the start of a world war may be a diversionary maneuver to keep the evidence of election fraud in the U.S. from becoming known.

He ends by saying that the Jeffrey Epstein saga has only just begun.

From Elon Musk-Twitter
The Twitter Files on free speech suppression soon to be published on Twitter itself. The public deserves to know what really happened …

From Twitter
$AAPL “Every week of this shutdown and unrest we estimate is costing Apple roughly $1 billion a week in lost iPhone sales. Now roughly 5% of iPhone 14 sales are likely off the table due to these brutal shutdowns in China”could be up to $8B in lost sales.…

From Midnight Rider Channel
Eric The Trainer dead at 53: Celebrity personal trainer Eric Fleishman passes away unexpectedly on Thanksgiving at his home in California

From Midnight Rider Channel
Just another coincidence? Photos from scrapped Balenciaga campaign feature book by artist whose works include castrated toddlers... after bondage teddy bears fiasco and hidden child **** docs

From Rafapal-Twitter
La lista de los visitantes a la isla de las Lolitas de Jeffrey Epstein.
Epstein´s Island Visitors
Adam Perry Lang
Al Gore
Alan Dershowitz
Albert Pinto
Alec Baldwin
Allison Mack
Alyssa Rodgers
Andersoon Cooper
Andrea Mitrovich
Andres Pastrana
Angelina Jolie
Anthony Kiedis
Anthony Weiner
Barack Obama
Ben Affleck
Bernie Sanders
Bill Clinton
Bill Gates
Bob Saget (deceased)
Bruce Willis
Casey Wasserman
Callum Hudson-Odo
Celine Dion
Charles Barkley
Charlie Sheen
Charlize Theron
Chelsea Handler
Chris Wagner
Chrissy Teigen
Cyndi Lauper
Claire Hazel
Courteney Cox
Courtney Love
Demi Moore
Dan Schneider
David Koch
David Spade
David Yarovesky
Dolores Zorreguieta
Donovan Mitchell
Doug Band
Drew Barrymore
Ed Tuttle
Ehud Barack
Ellen De Generes
Ellen Spencer
Emmy Tayler
Fleur Perry Lang
Francis X. Suarez
Freya Wissing
Gary Roxburgh (pilot)

From Noticias Rafapal
Attention, the mythical hacker Kim Dotcom is going to publish what was prohibited on Twitter until a month ago: the creation of dangerous viruses such as Covid by WHO contractors such as the environmental NGO, Ecohealth Alliance.

NEW - Controversial WaPo reporter Taylor Lorenz has slammed her own newspaper for opposing the authoritarian Covid lockdowns in China.
⚰ Protocols of the eugenics WHO, ASSHOLES!!!!
➡️ A woman goes to a hospital for a UTI and they say she dies "from covid". Turns out she was forced to have a PCR and upon testing positive with no symptoms (asymptomatic) she was admitted to the covid ward. There, following the protocol of the genocidal WHO, they isolated her and sedated her until she died without letting her children see her. This has only one name: GENOCIDE AND MURDERING COLLABORATIVE DOCTORS!!!!
⚰ On November 9, GRACE RUSH, an Irish teenage athlete of only 14 years of age (RIP), died "suddenly", unexpectedly and without anyone wanting to publish the cause of death.
Argentina: Ariel Olmedo, 48 years old, bodybuilder, dies. He "decompensated" at the gym and died. November 24, 2022
French businessman Fabrice Coelho died "suddenly" at the age of 50. He passed away this Thursday, November 17, 2022 while playing a handball game with some friends. He felt unwell at half-time and collapsed. Despite cardiac massage from another player and emergency care, he could not be saved. He was not known to have any previous heart disease (RIP).

JUST IN - U.S. Mission in China is calling on its citizens in the country to "keep a 14-day supply of medications, bottled water, and food for yourself and any members of your household."

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