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While reading the essay on Schopenhauer and the concept of happiness I came across this word, ataraxiaThus the Stoic aims for ataraxia, a state of inner calmness and serenity however turbulent the world outside might be.

While held involuntarily in the psychiatric hospital, my father (age 79) had been kind enough to pick up two shirts, two pairs of pants, a hoody, and one book, at my request, from my mom's domicile.  While a reader of this blog might think that book would have been Schopenhauer's The World as Will and Representation, Volume 1, I knew that such a text would not be practical.  I opted for Cioran's The Trouble with Being Born.

Well, unfortunately, due to the pills I was forced to imbibe there, I suffered an episode where I passed out and lay unconscious for a good 10 minutes before being revived by ambulance [emergency respondents] employees.  I had already been incarcerated in the psychiatric detention center for a week, and was set to be discharged in a couple days.  I wanted to be assured that being sent to a regular hospital would not mess up my release.  I was told that I would still be released as planned.

While in the hospital, after having my heart tested (turned out I had low blood pressure and low sugar as side effect of medications for "bipolar disorder"), somehow my notebook and the Cioran book were stolen.  I hope that it was taken by other inmates who were interested in my unique rhetoric.  There were a small band of thinkers interested in the things I was saying.   I had been taking notes from The Trouble with Being Born then reading those quotes aloud (with commentary) while pacing the hallways at all hours of the night.

At one point I had come across this word, ataraxia.  It was a key concept in getting the fuck out of that place.

In the regular hospital I was always guarded by a nurse who followed me wherever I was transported.  I was not allowed out of my room/cell; that is, I could not wander the hallways.  Long story short, I had been lied to.  By the time I returned to the psychiatric jailhouse compound "hospital" ward, the tricky fuckers said I had to be taken in afresh as a new patient, thereby starting the entire process of "being observed" all over again.   They were a real set of liars who had the full support of some arbitrary judge. 

I was to contact them after release, and I still have not brought myself to do so since I have ceased taking their damn meds.  I am recovering from the trauma they caused me, and they certainly do not have my respect.  I have disdain and contempt for their entire profession, much like our friend Artaud, that admirer of Van Gogh who was branded a "drug addict."

At this point, I will end this transmission.  I just want to note that I have always been ever so slightly confused about why you or Holden address just one member of the board at a time.  I thought that this is what private messages are for.   I would prefer that, when people post here in the forums, that they address an audience, a general readership; and yet, Lovecraft did exchange letters ... We live in interesting times, so there is no correct nor incorrect way of corresponding on such a message board.

I just think that addressing one individual discourages others from chiming in.

Take care, my brothers in spirit.
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