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Forgotten Intimacy
« Reply #90 on: September 04, 2020, 12:34:34 am »
Reading these last few posts of this thread brought to mind an excerpt I placed in the "All Writing is Pig Shit" thread with heading ANIMISM AND THE SACRED WINDS.


The ancient aleph-beth, as the first thoroughly phonetic writing system, prioritized the human voice. The increasingly literate Israelites found themselves caught up in a vital relationship with an all powerful human voice. It was a voice that preceded and outlasted every individual life. The written text became a portable homeland for the Hebrew people. Many of the stories are about displacement and exile. (Abram 1996)

The Hebrews were the first real caretakers of this great and difficult magic – alphabetic literacy.

The pain, the sadness of this exile, is precisely the trace of what has been lost – FORGOTTEN INTIMACY.

I was unable to leave a link since the url address has the word shit in it.  I'm getting so sick of this Nanny software built into the editor on freeboards, but what can I complain about?  This message board is FREE!

You can find it by placing the following, piece by piece, into the URL address bar of whatever web browser you are using:



You can also find it in entry for 2011.11.11 (11 November 2011) in Dead End, Chapter 12 [The Steppenwolf Rediscovers Downtown Freehold (El Barrio)]

Just follow the 2011.11.11 hyperlink above, then Ctrl+F and type 2011.11.11

That will take you to the interesting notes on that tragically confusing religion which I learned in my studies of phenomenologist David Abrams.   

Take care and stay safe.

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