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Hunger ( To Don Raul)
« Reply #1005 on: December 03, 2021, 07:33:01 am »
Don Raul,
Sorry I could not respond sooner as I was occupied with a great deal of office work.
You might like to read this:****-seductress-speaks-reveals-loves-wife-relentlessly-pursued-kinky-Greek-Orthodox-priest.html

I think the moral of the news story about the wrestler marrying a doll was that it is better to do so than marrying a flesh-and-blood lady.

Well, you find yourself in the body of a baby some months later.-Senor Raul
What exactly do you mean by that,could you elaborate?

Where I work,right behind that building, is a play ground & everyday from about 4 p.m. kids play cricket and create a whole lot of racket. I do not mind because my room is right at the top of the building so while I can see them ,if I want to, they cannot.

They do not know what life has in store for them. Well, I guess it is better that way.
I try to observe my hunger pangs. The feeling of emptiness in my tummy and how it wants me to devour food, how it tries to keep my body going.

Did not Diogenes say that if one could get rid of hunger by rubbing the tummy the way one gets rid of an e-rection, then, life would have been so much better.

I think hunger is not something that necessarily lasts forever.There are ways of killing it without consuming. No hunger, no libido. Now, that is quite close to being non-existent. I repeat-no hunger, no libido.Pure observation. Like Aristotle’s God who spends all his time just thinking about his own thoughts. I would take that over the Christian heaven.

Over here there are many urchins begging for bread ,for anything they could get. Sometimes I think they are the very personification of hunger, of need. I wish to be the personification of satiety, of inaction.
I hope people are not trying to jab you and that your eyes are not giving you too much trouble.
Have you read this novel called Hunger:

I remember reading it in 2011. I was sick,probably due to overwork. I remember reading in alone in my room. It made me feel a bit better.

You know,today, the Scandinavian countries are concerned the gold standard when it comes to “Development”.Well, as late as the 1930s there were still peasants there who killed themselves when the crop failed.Could we be sure that the 1930s would never return?

While  libido and hunger may appear irresistible,there are ways and means of doing away with them.

Take care.
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