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Re: A Question for Herr Hauser and Senor Raul
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Thank you again for the message and the articles. They are very interesting.

The girl sued her mother´s doctor for not doing his job well.  I think she is very brave to do that. The mother is also responsible. The medical mafia is very strong as we are seeing now. I wish her much luck.

About the article in RT I can only say that this news is at least funny. Bodybuilder Tolochko put on hold his wedding with his plastic lover Margo. I hope he has happy days in Moscow.

Not only do this kind of books, romance novels, feed syrup to people. The MSM media, TV, entertainment literature, and movies have been doing it all the time. We have been brainwashed a long time by these weapons of mind destruction.

You have a problem. It is better to say. You are the problem. You are unfit to follow the rules and obey. You do see, as you say, the ugly underbelly of our society. You find, unlike most people, the universe strange. This world is like a circus where all the beasts have been released.

Most people accept this world naturally. It is natural for millions of people to have been born in this human farm where exploitation is the rule. Yes, this Earth is a giant necro factory.

You know and you feel that we are monsters and that we enjoy torturing our fellow human beings. Indeed, you are unfit to live in this world. Your parents, everybody´s parents, brought us into this infernal paradise. They did not know what they were doing. They still don´t know the tragedy they caused. In their view, bringing you to this world was an act of love.

They gave birth to you in the heat of the night, so to speak, and now you are experiencing the ills of life.

Your folks should congratulate you for being a nice person. You could have become a serial killer of elderly people or a homicidal madman. Yes, we, humans, are a very fearsome species.

Surely you will sleep, after you die, until, well, you find yourself in the body of a baby some months later. The nightmare is endless.

I often write about death but apart from my mother and father and some other people I have not seen a dead body in a morgue specially if he or she has been murdered.

Stay alert.