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To Die, To Sleep..(To Don Raul)
« Reply #1005 on: November 26, 2021, 01:46:16 pm »
Don Raul,
Thanks for the message. You said you have never read hard-boiled novels,well, many people would say that is a good thing because they are not considered as particularly highbrowed.

Nevertheless, I do think that there is something true to be found in them. What I mean is that unlike Romance novels like Mills and Boon, they do not feed syrup to the reader and depict the ugly underbelly of the society.
I wish to be a hermit. When I am alone in the room, I am almost sane. I do not lose my mental balance. But where there are people around, I find it very difficult to keep calm.

These books I mention to you are much like horror fiction ,only instead of ghosts or goblins, they feature malicious human being and thus fit into the Gnostic world-view perfectly.

They say that when one dies the electric signals which keep getting generated in the human brain disappear and with it the whole personality too.
Maybe that is the way it is, but that fact is not enough to stop people from having babies, especially those who studied with me back in the day.
I have to say though that I find the universe quite strange. Most people are embedded in their communities so thoroughly that say never think about these things and so it is left to the outcast like me to think about them and I do.
I like my maths and fiction books much more than those who live in this place. They are monsters and only want to wreck havoc. They just want to torture others and keep having babies.
I do not understand how many babies they want to have. As many as possible,I guess. Even if many of those babies spend their lives as beggars on the street.

To die, to sleep, no more..
Take care.
La Tristesse Durera Toujours                                  (The Sadness Lasts Forever ...)
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