Author Topic: A Question for Herr Hauser and Senor Raul  (Read 176307 times)

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Re: A Question for Herr Hauser and Senor Raul
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Thank you for your message. Once again I must say that you are a gifted writer. All these stories about your neighbor, your boss and the widow of your colleague, the janitor, your boss, are very enlightening. They are worth a novel.

I read that Idi Amin Dada, the dictator of Uganda had his enemies thrown to the crocodiles. Wouldn´t it be nice if people could do that their bosses and colleagues? Just kidding. ;D

You are a grown man before your time.

Your environment, if I can use that word, is envy of you. That is the reason you are being harassed, attacked or abused. In the end you will prevail.

I hope to be brave if I ever decide to slice my wrists and exit this insane world. This world was insane before and it is much more insane now.

What I see, and that is nothing new, is that these thugs in power really believe that there are two kinds of people: common people and special people. And they are the special people. They have shed blood for millennia and they have been treated like emperors.

It makes me feel bitter to say this but when I see most people submitting to this dictatorship I really think that we, as a human species, must be deleted due to our cowardice. I include myself.

Since I have behaved like a zombie most of my life,have I ever truly existed at all?

Stay safe.