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The End is Nigh (To Don Raul)
« Reply #1005 on: November 24, 2021, 11:23:43 am »
Don Raul,

Thanks for your message.The neighbour has been out of town for a few weeks now so I have been alone and I like it. Today I came to know that the widow of my colleague who died last year wants to come here because her son is enrolled in a school in this city and his exams are about to start.

So the two of them and their relatives want to stay here for a few months.

Problem is I keep the doors locked because all kinds of anti-social elements knock on my door and try to harass me. When she would be here, she would notice that I rarely open my door and when the scoundrels would knock on my door and I wont open the door, she would open hers and then she would call up my boss and tell him that I do not open my door when people knock on it.

Then, my boss would call me up and I would tell him what exactly I think about him and his ego would be hurt and I would be transferred from this location .

Look, by not opening the door, the official work is not impacted at all. In fact, I concentrate better and the overall productivity rises. But they want me to follow the social conventions.

Also,the janitor is a goon and has threatened me indirectly so I pay his  salary and clean the office myself apart from taking care of paper-work,but this dame would call up the janitor and gossip with him and conspire against me and tell my boss that I am no good and that I pay the janitor but donít make him work( the same janitor had threatened her deceased husband too)  ,though, I tell you the truth, I work pretty hard.

But, in the end, I am the one who is in the wrong,not the goon janitor or the gossip-monger dame because I have been yellow and I still breathe. Maybe it is a sign for me that now the time is approaching when I would have to pack my bags and leave this wretched planet and go to a place where I would never ever be disturbed. How nice it would be to close the eyes of the final time.

My cousin(on my fatherís side) hanged herself when she was barely nineteen because her father beat up her boyfriend and my great grandmother (on my mumís side)  consumed Copper Sulphate within four days for her husbandís demise because she did not wish to live as a widow.I mention this because I am glad I have the genes which might drive one to commit suicide and,now,pretty soon I might be in the environment that would activate them, and then, I would pull the plug.

Any regrets? None. Though I would have liked to study a bit more mathematics. Well, maybe there is a heaven after all, a heaven where I would be able to meet not only Schopenhauer but also Gauss.

Take care.
La Tristesse Durera Toujours                                  (The Sadness Lasts Forever ...)
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