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Horror ( To Don Raul)
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Don Raul,

Thanks for your message and the book suggestion.It would have been wonderful if all of us could live just by soaking sunlight. But that is not the case. One animal is obliged to kill another to feed its belly and young ones. It is not different with human beings of course and I do not mean non-vegetarianism by that.

I mean, that there are all sorts of sociopaths, psychopaths and all kinds of vampires.While in the final analysis I disagree with Marx, when he compares Capitalism to a vampire, he is not entirely wrong.

You wish to know the reason why the world is worse than it needs to be?Precisely because most men,willy-nilly, refuse to recognise what this world truly is. Schopenhauer’s work is like the Sun they are afraid to stare at for too long,lest it should render them blind.

If most people recognized world for what it is, they would be more humane. Alas, they are human,only too human.
It is the same thing with marriage. Most couples refuse to accept that they not only do not love their spouse,after the honeymoon period is over, and the hormones are no longer bubbling and buzzing, but that they positively detest them.

No wonder extramarital affairs are the norm,not the exception. There is ,I am not sorry to say, nothing “Holy” about “Matrimony”.
I,for one, want to have nothing to do this “beautiful world” or with the “beautiful people”. No wonder all of the people who look at the rotten core of this world do no wish to have anything to do with politics. There can be no improvements,at least,not the ones that truly matter. What a filthy planet this is. The human animal, I do not need to tell you, is the worst of them all.If you ever wish to watch a real horror show, you need not visit the nearest cinema hall,only the nearest family court.

I hope that your bodily ailments are not causing you too much trouble.

Take care.

For you:
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