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Re: A Question for Herr Hauser and Senor Raul
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Indeed, we are the children of Dracula. We are vampiric creatures.

Thank you for the videos and the link about the happiness reports. I doubt very much that one can rank happiness per countries in this torture chamber as you call it.

I think my health issues will get resolved only when I pass away.

I only watched Dracula with actor Gary Oldman and Keanu Reeves many years ago.

Although in this country there are lots of reports of domestic violence, I think most wives are also domineering.

You have battles on many fronts. Your father who wants you to quit studying mathematics, your mother insisting you get married and then these people who want you to join the Whatsapp group. Then your colleagues at work and your neighbor who is lurking there.
You will confront many battles still because you do not want to belong to the herd.

In my view you have read all the melancholic authors one can think of.

I read, taken from libgen, The Auschwitz Photographer by Luca Crippa and Maurizio Onnis. The photographer, Wilhelm Brasse, is a prisoner in Auschwitz and he recorded his memories in that slaughterhouse. You may find it interesting. It is a depressing read.

Stay safe.