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Children of Dracula(To Don Raul)
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Don Raul,

I hope you are doing well. Yes, I am studying mathematics. The reason to do so is philosophical and not commercial.

Lot of bugs in the house. In a way, we are bugs too. As Mr. Gary says, this is a bug planet.I wonder if you have read “Dracula”. Most of the people I meet might as well be the children of Dracula because they keep trying to suck blood out of me.

Most of the husbands here are henpecked and are deathly afraid of their wives because the wives are pretty domineering.

They keep trying to pigeon-hole me-my mum by trying to get me married, my old college friend,by trying to make me join their rotten Whats App group and my father,by trying to get me to abandon my mathematical studies.

But I have decided to make sure that all their efforts go in vain.
As you might have observed by reading news et cetra. that the society in this place is highly orthodox and they really hate it if someone leads an unconventional life like I do.

Now, I think, while I do believe in a kind of conservative stance, it is certainly not the conventional conservatism which worships family. Mine is much closer to that espoused by Schopenhauer.

From time to time I suffer from insomnia during the night and tonight is one of those nights and it is really does not feel nice.

I wanted to ask you if you would like to recommend any of the melancholic novels that you have read.
I would rather enter a lion’s den that join their accursed group,because I see quite clearly what they are-vampires thirty for my blood.

I hope you health issues get resolved soon. I have stopped using ear-phones completely and so my ears do not ache so much. I would never ever use ear-phones again. I also keep the widows open somewhat to make sure that I get fresh air, I do not want the bacteria in my lungs to start growing all over again.

Take care.

For you:
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