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Re: A Question for Herr Hauser and Senor Raul
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Thank you for the quotes. I hope you keep studying mathematics.

The worst nightmare is to awaken here.

I see beautiful women almost every day. However I know that their skin is just a costume that hides the horror of this freak show called life.

Yes, pessimists are a minority in this world and pessimists are not held in high regard. It is understandable. Most people only like positive attitudes especially nowadays. Most do not want to know that life is vicious. Most, including me, would like to see that everyone is beautiful,nice and pleasant. We do not want to burst our bubbles. We have been raised, educated and trained in lies all our lives.

This p(l)andemic has confirmed these dark views.

We donīt know if we all will feel relieved when we are dead. It is a big mystery. And indeed it all is pointless when, as you say, so many people came before us, they suffered a great deal and now they are dead and buried.

One thing is not a mystery. Clown Earth is hellish zoo. A demon created this murder farm but we, human beings, accept it and propagate it. We are ruthless demonic pigs. We say to ourselves and to others that we are human beings. Are we really that? We are hypocrites.

Stay alert.