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No Escape( To Don Raul)
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Don Raul,

Thanks for the message.It was not only quite rich philosophically but also contained elegant prose.

Main problem that I experience is that of recurring panic attacks. They leave me almost paralysed. I recover, yes, but only to be hit by the next one and believe me, while I am experiencing one, I feel quite terrible.

Is college education exceedingly expensive in Paraguay too? Does it cause students to get into a debt trap?
In the university, there was a fellow student of mine who was upright and intellectually gifted. Today, he  not only has a wife but also two kids( a boy and a girl). His father believed that one should have kids early in one’s adulthood and so his father got him married when he was about twenty-five.

I think people like us are sensitive. What I mean is that we perceive not only more, but also, more profoundly ,than the others. Most men are thick-skinned and so, they go right ahead, get married, and procreate.

You mentioned Marx’s son-in-law and the chemical he used to do away with himself. However, I think, back in 1911, such chemicals were not heavily regulated and the man on the street had easy access to them. That is certainly not the case today.

Take care.

P.S.:For you-
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