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Re: A Question for Herr Hauser and Senor Raul
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Thank you for your videos and the quotes. The Melancholia video is illuminating. The video where the guy warns about marriage is both funny and interesting. The first video you posted on November 6 is not available.

I am a result of circumstances and situations beyond my control. I certainly did not choose my gender, my nationality, my parents, my language, etc.

Had I been born in the Congo, Honduras, or in Germany life would have been different. Many people view me as a foolish, pessimistic,parasite, selfish and passive person. Yes, I am all that. I could have been worse. I could have been a psychopathic killer.

A few years ago I read about Karl Marx´s son-in law, Paul Lafargue whom Marx called Gorilla or Negrillo. Lafargue was born in Cuba. He committed suicide together with Laura, Marx´s daughter, on the night of November 25–26, 1911. Paul administered an injection of potassium cyanide. If I were honest I should do something like that. But the will to life is very strong.

Sex is what keeps this insane world running. I read that this pharmaceutical company, Pfizer, was the one who manufactured **** in the late 1990s. How appropriate! Everything is interlinked.

If you have a pig farm you want your pigs to be productive in order to fatten the farm. Even the elderly can still get young women pregnant. Once again we are just farm animals. The sex drive was inserted in our human bodies. We have been programmed.

You will continue to suffer attacks on your mind. I hope you withstand them as long as you can. You do not fit in. That´s the issue. Those who attack you are sowers of death.

As usual life is tragic, a prison, an inferno. It is a long agony.

Stay safe.