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Senor Raul,

Thanks for your message.I hope you feel better.I think there is something very strange about this world. That is a big part of the reason why most of the people might think I am not normal. Because I think the world is not normal. I like the fact that Godel was considered as an extremely strange man because he did not conform with the petty norms.The only reason they put up with him was because he was head and shoulders above them,intellectually. I think if Lovecraft had managed to study serious mathematics then he would have ended up becoming very much like Godel. The gorts have tried to pervert his ideas and but now I see right through the mind-numbing perversions. I think they have done something very similar to Godel,what Godel thought was done to Leibniz.

Well,you see your life is very precious because you are a proponent of truthfulness and a lot of the guests over here look forward to reading your messages.

It is a very weird world.I wonder if you have ever suspected anyone of spying on you.

Take care.
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