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Re: A Question for Herr Hauser and Senor Raul
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Thank you for your words and the video with Lovecraft. It is most interesting.

I hope you are enduring your health issues. It must not be easy for you there specially with the threat of becoming unemployed and being imprisoned on fraudulent charges, as you say.

I hope you keep studying mathematics and reading Lovecraft and Godel as you wish.

I am not doing well. But given the circumnstances we are living right now that is normal.

Like you I often think of doing away with myself in a peaceful manner. Using a razor edge on my throat or my wrists, crossing the avenue with lots of traffic, putting my head in an oven inhaling gas, etc? The other available choice is to get vaccinated and probably I will be gone in a few days.

In a kind of twisted way that is the easiest and cheapest choice and above all it is provided by the government.How considerate of them!

Besides in the vaccinations sites there are well-meaning nurses eager to push the liquid into our bodies. There is almost no difference with the nurses that were part of T4, the euthanasia plan in the Third Reich.What a beautiful world!

Here the vaccine menu includes Sputnik, Astra Zeneca, Sinopharm, the India vaccine, and probably they will get Moderna and Pfizer.Although the MSM attacks the government for the delays in bringing the vaccines, things are going to schedule. Now it is the turn for pregnant women. There are Paraguayans going to Miami, USA to get their vaccines there. It is a kind of vaccine tourism.

Stay safe.