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Re: A dying animal
« on: September 25, 2014, 02:28:32 am »
Dear -Philosophy- in-the- Flesh,

"You are a beautiful woman but I am rebelling against the economic system we live under, and I will not allow romantic feelings transform me into a slave." :P
Jesus,that statement really takes the cake,I doubt if even Carlin would have been able to come up with it!
Most women are not interested in anti-capitalism.Is it cultural? biological? I don't know.
Most women are not worth the trouble as you beautifully explained:

I feel quite comfortable with my lifestyle until I am smitten with the desire to know a woman on intimate terms. It is then when I realize that my worldview and way of life most likely are not attractive qualities (as far as a mate goes). A young woman I was kind of smitten by handed me a magazine called MONEY with an article on HOW TO MAKE MONEY. She thought I might be interested. I was not interested in “how to make money.” I don’t like this idea of having to “win her affections” by making money. She may see me as a “bum” – and yet I live as Diogenes did, no? Am I not philosophy-in-the-flesh?

“Even brass becomes worn out in time, but never will future ages detract from your fame, Diogenes. For you alone showed the splendor of a frugal and moderate existence. You show the easiest path to the happiness of mortals.”

“For every aid, comfort, enjoyment, and pleasure by which people would like to make life more agreeable, would produce only new worries and cares greater than those that originally belonged to it.” (Schopenhauer)

I'd remember the lines.When is your b'day?Scholar in a bunker? That reminds me of Kaczynski.

Sean: Hey Gerry, in the 1960s there was a young man who had just graduated from the University of Michigan who was doing brilliant work in mathematics, specifically bounded harmonic functions. Then he went to Berkeley, where he was an assistant professor and showed amazing potential. Then he moved to Montana and blew the competition away.
Gerry: Yeah, so who was he?
Sean: Ted Kaczynski.
Gerry: Never heard of him.
Sean: Hey, Timmy?
Tim: Yo.
Sean Who's Ted Kaczynski?
Tim: The Unabomber.

I was thinking about how there are so few of us on this forum,practically,just the two of us,so to an outsider this forum's worth maybe almost zero,it may as well not exist at all,but as Kaczynski says-

A mistake that most people make is to assume that the more followers you can recruit, the better. That's true if you are trying to win an election. A vote is a vote regardless of whether the voter is deeply committed or just barely interested enough to get to the polls. But when you're building a revolutionary movement, the number of people you have is far less important than the quality of your people and the depth of their commitment. Too many lukewarm or otherwise unsuitable people will ruin the movement.

Alcohol Consumption-
This a very complicated issue if there ever was one.I wish I could assist you with it.
All I can say is that you should try to focus on writing/reading.

Its a strange world alright,but can there be such a thing as a regular/normal world? I write/ do math in order to inch closer to the oblivion, to plunge into the empty set.
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