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Re: A dying animal
« on: September 22, 2014, 06:05:19 pm »
Am I morbid to chuckle while reading that Ligotti quote?   Why does it make me giggle?  What monkeys we are!  What a predicament we find ourselves in by being born through no choice of our own.  We are THROWN into this world like a litter of pigs from a ****.    :o

As for details on the above creepy nightmare-like dream:  I was my current age (47, I think) or maybe a little older ... I had a special grant from the government to study post-graduate level courses at my leisure without the silly games about "majors" or supposed "careers" ...

The deal was, though, that I had to live in the dorm and kind of "serve" as a "counselor/olderBrother" to my fellow students who DID have to be aiming for a PhD or Masters or some other bull****e.  Anyway, they disrespected me, stole my tobacco, poked me with sticks, so to speak.  It was kind of horrifying.  I wanted to leave.

A side note:  I noticed that something has asterisked out the words sh-t and bit-h and I'm not even in the library, so maybe it has not been Net Nanny but something in the settings.   I will look into it.  I mean, in honor of George Carlin, of course.
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