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Re: Humor in Horror
« on: October 25, 2020, 06:19:45 pm »
The man singing the song seems under the impression that the Great Old Ones will rise from the oceans and destroy all of humanity except for him.

This reminds me of nightmares I used to have as a child where somehow I would manage to befriend the Monster, who would then become my ally.  There is an incongruity, no?  One would expect someone to be afraid of the Great Old Ones, but one who feels very alienated from their own species just might embrace these Older Than Humanity Ones' destruction of humanity as their saviors.

Quote from: Holden
I am on page no. 26 of the Schopenhauerian philosophy book which you recommended. One is so small,compared to the rest of the world,no wonder one's desires are dashed most of the time.

I have been so very interested in that Language, Logic, and Mathematics in Schopenhuaer, as well as this idea of humor in horror, that I took a spontaneous and abrupt reprieve from the "school mathematics project." (besides a slow and steady scanning-into-PDF-files of pages from the modules)

I paused about 1/5 the way into that text, which would be around page 60, I suppose.

I am allowing myself to march to the beat of my own inner drum.   Don't let me distract you too much.  It is amazing to me that Schopenhauer's influence spans such seemingly diverse disciplines.  At least, with this abundant queue of interests, I have something to occupy my mind other than my "negative cash flow position" ... and my apparent social status as a nobody.

Long live Nobody!

We are so small in comparison to the rest of the world, but the world as representation, with all the galaxies of the universe, is dependent upon the Subject's inner representation of being-in-the-world.  Most the desires of most every single creature are dashed repeatedly and continuously by the very nature of how each of us is wired.

If only we might tap into the perspective of things-in-themselves.  When I meditate upon the condition of my teeth, I try to become more aware of my skeleton.  I try to philosophize silently, that is, I reflect upon the nature of death and the nature of time and space.   

So, if time is inside our heads as part of the mental faculties, then it is an impossible fiction to imagine the creature being able to find any way out of the Creation?    Suicide won't work.  All species eventually go extinct, but, with time and space as "inner realities," then do we exist in some kind of awful eternity with no hope of escape or end to unrequested needs and unrequested impulses?
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