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In an intimidating text on the shelf, now on my lap, Computational Modeling: AND VISUALIZATION OF PHYSICAL SYSTEMS by Jay Wang c.2016 - a book I sneak a peak at only rarely, but secretly wish to one day engage with - in 1.2 The Science and Art of Numerics:

Scientific computing naturally involves numerical computations (number crunching).  It uses integers and real values, or floating point numbers.  Integer arithmetic on the computer is exact, but its range is limited.  It is unsuitable for scientific computing because our physical world encompasses a vast scale over many orders of magnitude.  Floating point numbers have a much expanded range, but their operations may not be exact in the mathematical sense, so exactness is sacrificed for enlarged range.

This text screams to be studied, but the Queen, or one of Her Faces, Abstract Algebra [was called "Modern" in the mid part of last century], is a jealous mistress for sheezy, and I am currently devoted to Analysis (Algebra/Trigonometry/Calculus) - the mathematical roots of Physics.   I feel I need to spend a few more years tinkering with my current agenda just in case this is as far as I get before I croak.

If I live to be a very old man, maybe I will be crazy enough to fancy myself a Computational Physicist.

I can put it down as my religion when admitted to the funny farm, as in:

RELIGION:  computational physics

Until I become more comfortable and familiar with differential equations, three-dimensional vectors, refamiliarized with basic physics concepts, and maybe remembering some the math(s) intensley studied in the late 1990's by yours truly, I don't know how far I would make it.  I would first wish to give a couple years to Matter and Interactions so as to become familiarized with VPython in Jupyter Notebooks.  As you may know, my plate is already full and my cup overflows with "material worthy of consideration" which this realities of animal existence most likely will not allow time for "consideration."   Ahhh, out of nowhere, the screen goes black!   Hocus Pocus.

 So I've opted to zero in on the merging of fundamental algebraic structures and algorithms with computational programming language structures and algorithms, namely C++ templates.   This not only helps me extend mathematical generalizations into code, but may also help me develop this mathematical attitute and mathematical style in the way I approach the "design" of the solution.  Such interests, if I can maintain shelter and feed myself the necessities, grant me more satisfaction than wearing the costume society would have me wearing, feeling like a loser wishing I had a job with Microsoft or Apple.  [no, I would not cut the mustard since I normally don't play so well with others in "the sandbox."] 

The code, although I favor the command-line in a GUI-hypnotyzed world and put my efforts into making programs for MY OWN USE, as Mathematical Assistance at the Command Line, my own arsenal of homemade organic mathematically oriented programs.  I prefer the term "digital computer program" to the term "App" for I am an A-ss-hole, yes sir ree.

Anyway, the code that spews from my monkey brains is more than a little "mathematical" in nature.  Maybe it is simply more apparent to me because of the philosophical implications of this symbiosis.

If they put me in the looney bin tomorrow, I would have to say I am into my own personal religion these days, something I call Algebra++ - it's like Real Analysis but with an attempt to use a generic [algorithms taking various types which behave in the ways required by the program].

I dare say, this message board brings out the Dead Man in me.  That is, it is as though I might speak post-mortem via these transmissions.  That makes me more aware and alert as I observe these transmissions into the webs of radio signals through wires and space.   Mind-bogglingly complex and gargantuan artifice, so, yes, surrealistic and creepy as Hell.

In the meantime this animal body is in quite a pitiable predicament, lighting tobacco with a Bic, plugged into electricity, fresh coffee beans.  By the skin of my teeth, but yes, protected from witnessing the true nature of my natural state (Senor Raul's "monstrosity") by the power of irrigation technology, plumbing. sewage disposal systems, electricity, cellular connectivity.  Even a "poor" man having access to such things for long enough periods to study and contemplate, to heal, rest, store food and library, even to have experienced this lifestyle (semi-poverty, but passionately studious) has been rewarding enough, so, in event a branch falls on my head and I kick the bucket with by bruised and tender pinky toe, I will have lived several consecutive days rejoicing, "The day is mine!"    :D

And a voice in my head screams, "SHUT UP, already!"   >:(

Do you want another Peanut Butter Sandwhich?  Poor Man's Paradise Feast, Jailbird style.
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