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Waiting to Die
« on: April 25, 2020, 08:16:00 pm »
The Blue Grass folks suggest to step outside, but we don't all live in such places ... so, yes, I suppose I am waiting to die.  Still, these "kids" lift my spirits a little bit ... in my four-walled world ... Some people are trying to get in from the cold rain, so I'll wait to die in this dry little cell.  I have blanket and pillows.

Now, this song with a similar title is done by a band of women.
This also has a "blue grass" feel.  I'm no musician, so it's all music to me.
I like this one:

Here is the live version:

The original song is by a Townes Van Zandt.

Last but not least, the actual song I was looking for ... by Biohazard.

a bonus:

extra bonus    ;)
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