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Re: Starve the Beast
« on: March 21, 2020, 06:33:16 pm »
From a thread at Quora, I believe nature is evil. Am I right?:

Quote from: Marek Jagódka
Depends what you consider evil. Some say that nature is not evil because it has no ability to comprehend morality. On the other hand nature brings death and destruction to humans in many forms like natural disasters. Because of that one could consider nature as evil. I personally don’t believe that there’s a need for intent to be evil. So yes I guess I agree with you. Natural law dictates that we are born to die and be eaten and that is something I consider evil. I also love the people who speak about “not respecting nature” and “evil humans” as if nature ever cared if someone respects it or not. It’s a system that states you must die to feed it one way or the other. Respecting that fate speaks volumes of how pathethic those people must be.

How pathetic ... and pitiable.

Quote from: Duffy
Nature treats everyone the same. You respect her and you survive. She expects you to work at surviving. She doesn't cut anyone any slack. Complaining, crying and whining doesn't change her standard — Survival of the fittest. She doesn't care about “The Patriarchy.” You cannot hurt her “feelings.” With her “it is what it is…no more, no less.”

Remember this…it's all about “The circle of life…until your Pomeranian gets eaten by coyotes.”Evil…no. Demanding your respect…yes.

Respect or fear?  Must we love Big Brother and Big Mother?  Even when fear is the core motivation for that thar' luv?

I'm sorry for posting this here even though I have an account on Quora.  I do not wish to lash out there in fear of getting banned or something.  I use it normally for technical questions.   I do not have much patience even when overhearing my sister and mother discussing "God's Plan."

I really do have some kind of serious chip on my shoulder against the Big Lies people feel so righteous and sanctimonious about, whether they call it "God" or "Nature."

Quote from: Seer
I believe there must have been recent situations in your life that had not pleased you, hence your belief.

I understand where you are coming from. When things don’t go our way we do harvest feelings of unfairness against nature.

I think instead of figuring out whether nature is truly evil or virtuous, work on accepting it the way it is. There is no point fighting Nature because you can not control it, whether happily or with sorrow, you have to accept it.

Raul and Holden, do you think it is worth my trouble to respond, "No, We do not have to accept it.   If we are free to do anyhting, I would think it would be to honestly despize the Creation (and Being at the mercy of BEING)!

At the end of the day, I do not trust people at Quora to be honest close-to-the-bone the way we are here.

I have no false expectations when it comes to honest conversations.   Being honest leaves me wide open to be lied to.  Very frustrating.    :-\
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