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Re: Starve the Beast
« on: March 21, 2020, 05:08:25 pm »
Suppose the mind is embodied.  Then, when a bee stings my face or bum, the bee stings me.

From this bee-sting perspective, I am this animal body.

Am I kind or mean?   It really depends on when my last meal was.

Life must be wired for evil.  I did not want to eat today, nor did I want to do any math, programming, or writing.   So, I escaped into a 3PM nap.   I woke up going right for the beef.   This Thing that is my Embodied Mind, this Animal Creature/Being, becomes quite serious in such moments, and, as difficult as it is to imagine, might be perceived by my consciousness as a kind of Monster or monstrosity or abominable creature, a tormented creature - tormented by its own appetite, more specifically, horrified by its lack of conscious control over the appetite of this Animal Body.

The Natives of this continent (on which the government of the United States of Americs has been "constructed") would refer to "the-spirit-that-moves-through-all-things" --- Some raised as Christians, Muslims, or Jews might mistakenly take this spirit-that-moves-through-all-things, including Christians, Muslims,a nd Jews, as "God" or "Nature" ...

Is it possible that all notions of Devil (in the Abrahamic Triad [Judaism, Christianity, Islam]) really speak about the non-human forces which virtually dictate our behaviors, our need to eat food, etc?

There is something so very unpleasant about this apparent trap we are born into.

Maybe the Natives were more duped by Nature in that they see this Creation as sacred.  They call it a Sacred Hoop.

There was a time when I thought the Native Ways of seeing the world were closer to the truth, and yet now I find myself coming to conclusions which are contradicting that view.    It is more likely that all organic life is fundamentally and inescapably evil.  Thank you, Thomas Ligotti!

We are all, deep down inside, evil scumbags, including, but not limited to even the most devout and pious Christians, Muslims, and Jews.    Even the Sacred Native Tribes consist of human creatures who are, deep down inside, as fundamentally and inescapably evil as their always polite, but never honest, enemies who have desecrated their Holy Lands from Argentina to Canada.
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