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Re: Starve the Beast
« on: February 04, 2020, 09:12:19 am »
The Monster Me

My best friend is a Beast
I call this Monster "Me"

It has been discussing its projects
and the world is not interested

This project - or symbiotic assortment of projects
resists being packaged and commodified.
There is no niche in the formal academic world
in which to promote and experiment with the methods used.

All politics is local politics.
What is what?  Who is who?
Who made who?

While the world is offering consulatations,
opportunities for collaboration,
some of us peck away on huge thankless projects
aiming to become an obscure series of educational texts

all about the math and the programming

Without the politics of scope, licenses, and copyrights,
to be published and proliferated post-mortem,
or, if I live long enough, presented for Free Access
to the World, from Monster Me.
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