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Emptiness, the Greed of Telecommunications Giants, and Internet-dependent Operating Systems

I log on to the internet and feel emptiness.  It has become a necessity for computing, for installing and maintaining operating systems in networks of computers.  The literature available is unfathomable.  It is priceless, an Internet connection, really; and yet the telecommunications giants keep increasing the cost of Internet Service, in the midst of everything becoming more internet-connection-dependent, including the operating systems we depend upon in our electronic-contraptions.

I am disheartened because I see how much it takes for someone to even be in a position to think clearly, let alone to be calm enough to be receptive to anything available.  Those moments of clarity are priceless, but monetary dependence, and the chunks taken by corporate monopolies is reaching a tipping point.

Food, shelter, medicine, tobacco, intellectual expansion ... When there is no shelter, our poor brothers and sisters can't think straight!  How are youth supposed to become invigorated or enthusiastic about mathematics without any kind of actual mentor they can respect?

How is it that those with stupendous access to the internet might use it mostly for entertainment, while the struggling scholar must travel carefully to and from libraries with a flash drive?
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